Kristina Keneally is anti-democratic


One of the boys hopped on Kristina Keneally’s webinar titled “Ensuring Accountability with Kristina Keneally” (Not kidding) and asked:

“Hey Keneally,

“How can you lecture people on having anti-democratic views when you want to disenfranchise people you deem to be “far-right extremists”?”

It didn’t even take ten seconds for one of the panellists to kick “Sydney Kahlan” out of the webinar. It was definitely one of the panelists since they’re the only ones that could see the question asked.

Remember, Kristina Keneally is only accountable to the Jews who paid for her lovely Ram Bam trip to Israel and not actual Australians.

11 “Australian” Senators made up the Inquiry into extremism (show trial to proscribe any pro-White activist as a terrorist), this is the breakdown. Anthony Bryne was initially listed as Unaffiliated but within 15 seconds of his questions and testimony it was clear he was 100% Jew’ed.

This disgusting creature will sit there and lecture you on integrity and accountability when she refuses to address the most basic questions from her opposition which she wants to ban outright.

You can find Thomas Sewell at Telegram.