Dvir Abramovich under investigation for sharing footage of al-Aqsa attack


The XYZ understands that counterterrorism police have spoken with Defamation Commission spokesman Dvir Abramovich regarding his sharing of a violent video on social media.

Abramovich, who has dozens of followers on Facebook, is believed to have shared footage of the Israeli Army storming the al-Aqsa mosque, an attack in which scores of ramadan worshippers were injured

Although Abramovich is not alleged to have made any derogatory statements regarding the disturbance of religious worship carried out by the IDF, several questionable comments appeared in the thread below the video which have since been deleted. The XYZ has seen encrypted data suggesting some of these comments compared the incident favourably to the Christchurch attack carried out several years ago by several assailants.

A spokesman for the Islamic Council of Victoria has cautioned Mr Abramovich about sharing fake news which could inflame tensions between migrant communities living in Australia. It has also been suggested that he engages in “dog whistle” politics whereby he provides of veneer of intellectualism for what is, under the surface, rank anti-Arab bias.

Dvir Abramovich has in the past disseminated the dangerous conspiracy theory that if Israel allows the right of return to Arab refugees then jews will become a minority in their own homeland. It has been argued that this hateful belief incites the IDF to periodically cleanse its border areas of Arabs.

This is not what Aussie Diggers fought for when they helped to liberate Palestine from the Ottoman Empire during the First World War. Our great grandfathers fought for a Palestine which is multicultural, diverse, which respects and embraces difference and is home to people of all nations and creeds. It is hoped that the dream of the Anzacs can be realised in the near future.

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