Let the Jews and Arabs fight


Let the Jews and Arabs fight.

Hopefully the Arabs win.

Not because we are allied with Arabs, but because it is the Jewish Power structure globally that must be destroyed first.

You can have a laugh with an Arab about the destruction of the Zionist State.

That only means you have a non-aggression pact with the Arab, whilst both of you independently work towards dismantling Jewish global power.

Do not forget that Arabs are occupying our lands and destroying our civilisation and act as a biological weapon against White Power.

The best thing to do is to continue to observe the Arabs as a bulwark (a wall) against Jewish Power and to not interrupt when they fight.

The Jews will try to drag White Men into this conflict to die for them.

In times like these we must remember and enforce one of our most important Aryan Proverbs:

“No more wars for Israel”.

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