Australia’s first nations people had superhighways, free energy and space colonies


Incredible new archeological and anthropological evidence suggests that Australia’s ancient first nations people built carbon neutral superhighways spanning the length and breadth of Australia, as outlined by this map.

These superhighways connected smart megacities which protected the natural environment by making sure that no humans ever set foot in it.

Melbourne, circa 55,000 B.C.

These cities were powered by free energy. Ayers Rock is actually a giant spaceship in which the original first nations people descended to Earth and parked in it the middle of Sahul. Many believe they can reawaken their ancient spaceship as long as nobody every climbs on top of it.

Ayers Rock.

They come from a massive space empire spanning both the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy, which sent their best and brightest to Earth to help raise us to a higher state of consciousness.

In Ancient first nations society everybody was a vegan and women controlled every position of influence. Men were very happy about this, as it freed up more time for them to listen to women talk about their feelings.

Everybody lived in same sex relationships which did away with the need for women to have babies. The society maintained a sustainable population growth and GDP growth by taking in millions of refugees from the rest of the world each year. This meant that the population was effectively replaced every 50 years or so but nobody cared because race is a social construct, and all the refugees who came here were too busy sticking things up their bums to notice.

There was no crime, because there was no property. People owned nothing, they had no privacy and they were happy.

Australia was a paradise, covered in forests and lakes but everything changed when the White Man came here. At first, pity was taken upon them as they had arrived in such technologically backward boats powered only by the wind, they were sick, and they had this bizarre idea that we should wear clothes to cover our genitals.

However, the natural empathy of first nations people worked against them, as the new arrivals kept demanding more stuff once they had established a foothold, and they insisted on bringing over their extended families so they could get more free stuff. First nations people were forced to flee into the interior. The White Man said this meant they were mean, they were supposed to stay on the coast where they could look after them, so they followed them and wouldn’t leave them alone.

This led to a war which turned most of Australia into a desert and killed all the megafauna. After the White Man won the war he destroyed all evidence of the ancient first nations civilisation and rewrote history. Now he claims there was nothing here when he got here but we know better.

Some say the final solution for first nations people is to wait for their fellow first nations people to come and rescue them from outer space. Others argue that they can’t rely on anybody but themselves, they are going to have to quell their natural empathy, form their own communities and strive to secure the existence of their people and a future for first nations people.

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