Lying Press attacks Perth man who honoured the Anzacs, covers for Melbourne monster who bullied boys


Who would you rather have a beer in the pub with? A man on crutches who made a public demonstration defying a ridiculous and conveniently timed lockdown to honour our Anzacs? Or a weird, likely fat chick who tried to shame White, Christian boys for simply being who they are?

Who do you think is more deserving of government support? Who is more deserving of media scrutiny, perhaps unkind media scrutiny?

It’s a no brainer.

Oh, wait.

Several Lying Press outlets in Australia have published carefully worded articles about Michael Darby, the man on crutches who bravely walked through Perth’s CBD in defiance of the lockdown to honour the Anzacs.

They know they cannot go too hard on him because they know most Aussies know he is a hero, but they have listed off a bunch of factoids which they think will make his actions appear deceptive.

They have noted that although he served in the military for 8 years he was not deployed. However Darby freely admits this, stating “I’m not a veteran, I’m an admirer of veterans.” Thus his actions stand.

The Lying Press notes that he backs the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus, a drug which multiple governments have banned and the media have attempted to portray as dangerous despite the one study suggesting it is dangerous having been proven to be an utter fraud.

The crux of the attack on Darby appears to be that he is a long time anti coronavirus vaccine and lockdown protester. Darby is effectively being accused of politicising the coronavirus lockdown, when in fact it is the Western Australian government which has politicised the lockdown and Anzac Day.

We know the lockdown was timed to disrupt Anzac Day in WA and to provide a pretext to extend emergency powers for the state government. This reflected the horrendous optics of the Melbourne Anzac Day Dawn Service where thousands of Melburnians who flocked to pay their respects were pictured penned in behind a gulag style fence.

These optics are about as bad as it gets, especially considering nearly 80,000 fans were allowed to attend the MCG on the same day, just a few kilometres down the road for a game purported to honour the Anzacs.

It only takes one brave soul to stand up and say no and the whole facade of lies comes crashing down, hence the attempt by the Regime to discredit Michael Danby. But again the optics – going after an old codger who served 8 years in the military and trying to present him as some kind of fraud – are just awful, and are likely to fall very wide of the mark.

Contrast this to the media’s lack of curiosity about one Kate Hamilton, the mislabelled “youth worker” who singled out White, Christian boys at Parkdale Secondary College and told them they were oppressors. Surely this fat, disgusting woman, if she even is a woman, should have her fat, disgusting face splashed across the front page of every newspaper in Australia. The media should be barging into her place of work and demanding to know why she gets off on traumatising young men.

Instead, it is left up to a man already facing jail time for exposing the anti-White Regime’s hypocrisy, Neil Erikson, to do the media’s work for them:

Check out this amazing photo of members of Kingston Council:

So. Much. Soy.

The Lying Press has shown zero interest in finding the monster Kate Hamilton. Indeed, they have covered for her, labelling Erikson’s real journalism a “far right” “ambush”.

Kingston Council has issued a statement trying to fob the whole thing off as an aberration, as a poorly executed program which achieved “the opposite impact to what was intended”:

But this was not a one off. As we have explained, it is representative of the anti-White bias in Australia’s education system and is part of the White Genocide agenda which has shaped the world post-WW2. The only reason this program achieved “the opposite impact to what was intended” is because White people are supposed to just shut up and take it.

The juxtaposition of these two stories thus reveals the agenda of the anti-White regime in Australia. Its method is a slow strangulation of the native Anglo, Saxon and Celtic population of Australia. This is achieved through a steady escalation of attacks upon our cultural heritage. Now that Australia Day and the National Anthem are under serious pressure, the Regime can attack Anzac Day via the proxy of coronavirus lockdowns.

Hence the scramble when ordinary people say no. An old man on crutches is slandered, and a monster is protected and memory-holed.