Sharia Law: Neil Erikson is going to prison


Victoria was already a Police State, a CCP puppet and a shithole. We can now add caliphate wannabe to the list.

Australian nationalist activist Neil Erikson will go to prison on May 11 for yelling words through a megaphone in a public place.

This gets you jail time in Victoria. It is officially illegal to say mohammed was a false prophet at so-called islamic “prayers” in Victoria. As stated, caliphate wannabe.

Neil has also detailed the case in this video:

Neil had the option of a community corrections order which specified the following conditions:

  1. He does not go within 100 metres of a mosque.
  2. He has no association with anybody from the United Patriots Front or from Nationalist groups mentioned recently in the media, presumably NSN.
  3. He cannot upload anything to social media.
  4. He must undergo a “deradicalisation” program, ie reeducation.

Such a correction order was likely to last for several years. We have previously pointed out its absurdity:

You cannot “deradicalise” someone who understands that White people are being replaced. Once you know, you always know, there is no blue pill that wipes your memory. You can demotivate somebody who is determined to do something about it by a combination of carrot and stick. Somebody who knows we are being replaced can decide to work against us – we have a word for this, it is called “traitor”. But the concept of “deradicalisation” is Soviet-tier denial of reality.

Such an order effectively enshrines in Victorian Law that certain political opinions – ie Australian nationalism – are not permitted. Rather than submit to such totalitarianism, Erikson has chosen to serve jail time, in the hope that he will be able to continue his political activism following his release.

We wish Neil the best, but we are also wary of the Victorian legal system. Rule of Law, legally binding agreements and fair play mean nothing in this state.