WA lockdown was deliberately timed to disrupt Anzac Day


Originally published at Stephen Wells triggers everyone yesterday, on Anzac Day 2021.

Kings Park, War Memorial, Perth, Anzac Day 5.45am-6.10am.

The lockdown was perfectly timed. It was deliberately timed. The mining companies had been given prior warning. The football still went ahead on the day of the lockdown announcement (albeit with a mask mandate for the supporters). In between 2pm and 6pm on Friday when news started filtering through that a lockdown had been announced, there was no mask mandate. Supermarkets and shopping centres were packed to capacity with panic buyers jostling between shelves and growling in front of surveillance cameras installed in the self checkouts.

How many times do we have to say “this was never about health” before people finally accept the truth and act upon it?

The State of Emergency Powers ran out on Friday. They were extended on Friday to accommodate the new “threat” of a man with no symptoms of any illness who had been forced to take a PCR test for CoVid 19 that has zero ability to diagnose any disease.

The lockdown will last for 3 days. Just what that is supposed to do to stop a deadly virus that no one even knows they have unless a lab tells them, is anyone’s guess. What it has definitely done, is cancelled all Church services, ANZAC Day services and closed businesses once again.

It is sickening to me that not a single Church in Perth has had the guts to defy the lockdown and hold their regular Sunday Service. Jesus healed the sick through the power of Faith and promised eternal life to all who believed in Him. But God knows what’s in your heart, He knows what you truly believe. If you claim to be a Christian, stop lying to God. If you cower in your home on the day you should be opening your Church and giving a Sermon, you are not a Priest, a Pastor or a Vicar. You are an hypocrite and a liar. No better than the Priests of Jerusalem before God sent Babylon to wipe out the City for its sins.

As sickening as the cowardice of Church leaders is, what I saw at the Perth War Memorial this morning was truly depressing. I suppose I should be grateful that anyone turned up at all. Paying respects to the fallen ANZACS isn’t one of the approved reasons for leaving one’s home, and the two dozen police officers standing in their usual non social distanced block certainly were intimidating.

Any yet, and yet….

There were maybe 50 people in Kings Park this morning. A city of nearly 2 million. How many of the 50 had lost loved ones or friends in Afghanistan or Vietnam? Not me for sure. I was simply there because it was the right place to be today. One of my Grandfathers was conscripted to serve in Korea, but he came home. I have no personal bond with those who have been to war, other than the history that we naturally feel connected to, despite the Globalists’ attempts to delegitimise them.

For those who have lost comrades in arms you served with, friends, husbands, fathers, grandfathers, what do your actions today say about the kind of men they were?

There are two narratives you can ascribe to a man who charges machine gun fire facing certain death. The first is that that man is brave. He is a man who does his duty for something greater than himself. An ideal that is worth the ultimate sacrifice. The second is that he is a social coward. Someone who follows orders rather than face social ostracism even unto the point of losing his life. That does what he is told regardless of whether it is right or wrong.

What narrative do you place on these men, who faced down bullets that you say you come to honour? Did you have the decency to take off your mask and risk catching a cold, a fine or imprisonment by police? Then I salute you. You obviously honour the fallen as men of bravery and integrity.

Or did you stand there with your face nappy on? Your surgical hijab. Your bullshit Burkha. Is that why your friend, your husband, your father died? Because he followed orders regardless?

I think you can do better. I think you owe them more than that. I think they deserve to be remembered as brave and full of integrity.

I think you owe them some tiny bit of the courage you say they had.

This lockdown was planned. ANZAC Day was cancelled on purpose. The police chose to not arrest anyone today. Perhaps Mark McGowan isn’t quite ready for that publicity yet. But the more we act as cowards the bolder he will become. This is not going to end until we end it. So do better next time.

Lest we forget.