Australian centres of power are in flux

What is it about power and ugliness?

Last week I noted that the developing rape scandal in Canberra had the look of an organised sting, and everything that has occurred since has confirmed this. Every day a new tidbit of information is conveniently revealed in a manner far too coordinated to be mere coincidence.

The shadowy Labor Party figures coordinating this are applying the time-honoured tactics of the Battle of Cannae to modern politics. They have drawn the enemy in, yet as they appear to retreat they in fact outflank and envelop their enemy.

(The first movement of Beethoven’s 32nd Piano Sonata adds magnificent gravitas to this video.)

Last week Australia’s fluffy female “Defence Minister” couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen and checked herself in to hospital. She probably was not the primary objective but they would have nevertheless have celebrated the victory. Now Attorney General Christian Porter has been revealed as the secondary target of the main thrust. Given it is the current year, his days in politics are surely numbered.

Ultimately this is about destabilising the Prime Ministership of daggy dad Scott Morrison, who has retained popularity with the Australian electorate throughout the plandemic.

An old part of normie David in me still wants to feel sorry for them. Then I remember that they are a part of the two-party system which is working relentlessly to replace the Anglo, Celtic and Saxon original stock which founded Australia, and which ensures that any discussion of the fact that White people are being replaced in Australia and around the world remains strictly forbidden.

They can all rot.

I watch with similar disinterest as the old Crown Empire, a former jewel in the crown of the Packer family, is being systematically dismantled by the state. I have no idea what the ins and outs of the cases are. My simple observation is that after a period of weakening, under the pretext of the coronavirus lockdowns, agents of the state who have happily benefitted from the Crown cash cow, and surely knew of and likely partook in its corruption for two decades, have now for some reason decided to dismember it.

Again, they can all rot. These internationalists only care about profit and they have happily sold out their countrymen to get it.

It is slightly comforting to know that the agents of the state which are set against the will of the Australian people are themselves hardly unified. Warring gangs of thugs jostle for position at the top and we do not mourn the passing of one nor celebrate the ascent of another.