Lucky there isn’t a war on


Australia’s Defence Minister has been hospitalised and placed on medical leave, amid a scandal involving an alleged rape in which her department has become embroiled.

Did you spot the key word?


Linda Reynolds, “Defence Minister”.

The XYZ has nothing to say regarding the veracity of the allegations, although I will make several general notes before moving to the main point:

  • Given the steady drip feed of new rape allegations which have emerged since Brittney Higgins’ allegations first became public, this has the look of a pre-planned sting.
  • The media has been running headlines along the lines of “What did Scott Morrison know?” The previous point begs the question, “What did the media know?”
  • Kathy Sherriff, who has accused Bill Shorten of raping her when she was 16, has raised her allegations once again, to crickets from the media.
  • Ten africans who recently pack raped two teenage girls have likewise received crickets from the media.
  • George Pell was in recent years railroaded into prison under the pretext of a rape allegation by the Labor-Judicial-ABC Industrial Complex, and he has only recently been acquitted.
  • The entire Australian political establishment has spent the last 70 years raping Real Australians who were never asked whether or not we wanted to be replaced via mass immigration.

So, to the main point.

Dear Linda Reynolds,

What if there was a war on?

It is at this point that we should point out that this single incident proves everything that Adam Piggott has ever said about women is 100% true. To share but one link:

The men only political party

“The number of female parliamentarians that should be in the federal cabinet is zero. Julie Bishop has proudly boasted of the fact that she and her female colleagues do not take their job seriously. None of the other female cabinet members have disagreed with her. They are all in it together at the expense of the Australian people.

“It’s about time that a political party in Australia ran on the basis of having no female parliamentarians in its ranks. How much further does the lunacy of feelings over sound policy have to continue before we wake up to the fact that this is no way to run a country? Women have no business being in politics. The sooner that we act on this then the better off everyone will be.”

Australia’s female Defence Minister has been hospitalised due to a media sting regarding rape allegations. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, although in all seriousness, Linda should get back into the kitchen. Women belong in the home. We should probably thank the Marxists who concocted the plot, as she may be replaced by somebody slightly less incompetent and with just a little more ticker, especially as it is very likely that war could break out at any moment.

World War III will be us fighting China for the tranny bumsex utopia

Actually I take it back. They replaced this:

Linda Reynolds.

With this:

Marise Payne.

We’re fucked.

Ultimately, a man has to take responsibility for this disaster, and that “man” is Scott Morrison.

Captain Curry.

As I have observed, although Daniel Andrews is intensely dislikable, Scott Morrison is the really dangerous one. Not only is he responsible for continuing (pre-lockdown) the official government policy of genocide against its own people via mass immigration, he put Australia in mortal danger by appointing a woman as Defence Minister and a woman to replace her because feelings.