Anti-China BRI Protest in Melbourne this Sunday


Australia has always been a big country with the population of a medium sized Asian city. China is an ancient giant stomping around angrily now that it perceives that retribution for its century of humiliation may be at hand. We currently have a very striking example of what happens when a medium sized Asian city takes on this ancient giant of 1.3 billion people.

Our forefathers understood the precariousness of Australia’s position, and sought to safeguard the homeland for Australians of British descent downunder by instituting the White Australia Policy. Naturally, given that our Constitution and laws were merely scraps of paper and our politicians were politicians, it only took half a century for them to start undermining the White Australia Policy.

120 years after Federation, Australia now holds 1-2 million Chinese amongst a population of 25 million, and the British heritage proportion of that population is rapidly approaching minority status. The Chinese have a beach head.

We have been protected for two and a half centuries by being the cousins of the two greatest empires on the planet, but as America looks set to break apart into bloody civil war, our traitor politicians and the ever patient Chinese have judged that now is the time to strike.

The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is a classic tool of empire, whereby China promises to build infrastructure for countries in need of infrastructure but short on cash. They lend you the money, then take ownership of the big shiny port they built you when you can’t pay them back. Disgruntled locals are left pondering what the Chinese have ever done for us.

Victoria has the most communist government in the country, and our capital Melbourne is the epicentre of the foreign invasion our quisling leaders have openly encouraged. Melbourne needs better infrastructure to cope with 15,000 new Melbournians every month, thus Daniel Andrews’ Labor government has committed to an unprecedented building blitz. Given that mass immigration into Australia appears indefinite, so too does the building blitz.

Where is all the money going to come from?

Sounds like a perfect match.

The Chinese government is dumbfounded that Australia’s federal government would allow a state to bypass its authority in order to become a Chinese vassal, but understandably it isn’t about to make a fuss of it. Scott Morrison’s fake conservative government has lauded the CCP plant Gladys Liu, who represents the Chinese colony of Chisholm, so understandably it isn’t about to make too much of a fuss either.

So it’s down to you and me then.

There will be an Anti Belt And Road demonstration in Melbourne this Sunday, December 15, between 2 pm and 3:30 pm at the foot of Victoria’s Parliament House. You can view the Facebook page for the event here. The organisers have written the following:

The ‘Belt and Road’ is the Chinese China’s Global Dominance Project that involves infrastructure and transportation development in 152 countries. Will you allow Australia to get involved?

It is undeniable that the Chinese Communist Party and Australian democracy and freedom of speech are on a collision course. We need to bring the Belt and Road to the forefront attention of those who care about Australia and Australian values.

Come to join our demonstration and and loudly say NO to the government that we refuse to be involved in China’s Belt and Road. We refuse to sell out Australia to China – a regime that has no respect to the climate, democracy, and human rights. All cultural community groups who support Australian values are welcome.

Those “cultural community groups who support Australian values” includes foreign invaders, ie Chinese pro-Hong Kong democracy supporters, and one of the organisers is Fiona Hui. So it’ll be civnat af. But it is currently the best we’ve got.

The civnattery won’t save anybody, of course. You can guarantee that pro-CCP Chinese “students” and their white useful idiot allies from Socialist Alternative and its various front groups will be there. They’ll likely call you a “nazi”, and if it is covered by the globalist media they will probably say something like “we haven’t seen this kind of anti-Chinese xenophobia since the days of the White Australia Policy”.

You know, that thing that was supposed to stop all this nonsense from happening in the first place.

So in the words of Gimli:

What are we waiting for. See you there.