XYZ Live #85 – Islam is Right About Women


I started this one off chuckling away to my heart’s content and why not. The meme “Islam is right about women” is a brilliant troll because it forces NPC’s to confront their own cognitive dissonance regarding the Religion of Peace, while pointing out that a century of toxic feminism has left European civilisation weak and ripe for the picking.

We also discussed the ramping up of establishment control of allowable speech on so-called “climate change”, with regard to the Conversation Monologue banning climate change “deniers”, Australian delegates being denied a chance to speak at the UN climate summit, and the pawn Greta Thunberg’s stark threat to us proles:

“If you belong to that small group of people who feel threatened by us, then we have some very bad news for you. Because this is only the beginning. Change is coming whether they like it or not.”

Monday night is livestream night. We have now pushed forward our starting time to 9:00 pm AEST. You will find us at Matty Rose Live.