Muh gross domestic products!


Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten, (BS for short), unveiled Labor’s future election policies in a speech at Revesby Workers’ Club in western Sydney. BS has five, count them, five policies:

  1. Improving schools and hospitals, (more taxation and government theft.)
  2. Standing up for workers, (more support for militant unions.)
  3. Easing pressure on family budgets, (socialism – there were no family budget issues in the Soviet Union.)
  4. Ensuring a strong economy, (Labor will begin appropriating private enterprise on behalf of “the workers!”)
  5. Investing in cleaner and cheaper energy, (all hail the great climate god Gaia.)

He also plans to have 50% female representation in the parliament. Politicians will not be chosen for what personal experience, knowledge, or expertise they bring to the table, but instead will be selected for their private parts. Soon our once great land will be no country for white men.

But Bill has been busy this past week, (he needs to be with his demented cat lady deputy breathing down his scrawny neck.) He has also written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison seeking some sort of bipartisan deal on immigration.

“Bill Shorten has written to Scott Morrison calling for a joint-party population blueprint to tackle ­future immigration rates, infrastructure shortfalls and quality-of-life concerns under a bigger Australia…

“Placing population growth among the great policy challenges facing the nation, the Labor leader has signalled that he could support a new settlement policy that would redistribute population away from the congested capitals of Sydney and Melbourne. In his letter, sent to the Prime Minister yesterday and released to The Weekend Australian, Mr Shorten called on Mr Morrison to support a bipartisan expert taskforce to develop a new settlement program.”

Moar experts!! But what did the experts originally plan for our immigration rates?

“With Australia’s population passing 25 million in July, two decades earlier than was forecast in the first intergenerational report delivered by the Howard government in 2002 …”

It seems to me that the “experts” shouldn’t be the ones that we listen to on this important subject. It’s also interesting that immigration doesn’t rate in Shorty-pants 5 election policies. I mean, if immigration was so important wouldn’t Buffalo Bill have stuck it in at least as number 6 in last place? It probably isn’t there since Billy-boy just wants to now send the new invaders out bush where they can finish the process of dismantling our last remaining outposts of authentic Australian culture.

But does our “conservative” government consider immigration to be a hot topic at the next election?

“Mr Morrison is believed to be seeking further work on the policy. As treasurer, he had not supported calls for dramatic cuts to the skilled migrant and family intake, saying cutting it back by as much as 80,000 — as had been suggested by former prime minister Tony Abbott — would have a significant economic cost.

“A recent report by Treasury and the Department of Home ­Affairs estimated the immigration program added 1 per cent to GDP a year.”

I mean, who gives a crap about our culture as long as we can get moar GDP? Australia hasn’t had an official recession since 1991 which sounds nice on the face of it, but really all of that has only been to the benefit of our politicians since in order to buttress that fantasy growth they’ve had to bring in millions of incompatible foreigners to prop up the phony figures.

I say prop up because it is an economic deceit to claim that bringing in people adds to the economic growth of a country. If simply adding more people was the great secret then countries like Uganda with their incredible birth rates would be among the richest in the world. But they’re dirt poor shitholes for the simple fact that demand does not create its own supply.

More people simply means more stress on vital infrastructure such as schools, roads, and hospitals. More incompatible people, remember. We’re importing foreigners who not only hate us but they hate each other as well. The Eritreans hate the Ethiopians, who in turn hate the Somalis, who in turn hate the Kenyans, and so on and so forth. If you want to think about what hate like that looks like, just cast your mind back to a little episode that occurred in Rwanda a little over 20 years ago. And that was just two tribes. From the same country.

These people don’t magically become Westerners. They don’t suddenly decide to assume our hard won Western values when they set foot upon our magic dirt. They simply bring all of their old problems and genocidal hatreds with them.

Shorten doesn’t get it, but neither does Morrison. They’re still in the business of kicking the can down the road. The only problem with that same folly is that they also erected crash barriers at the end of the street so we might not get run down by the culture enrichers out for a Sunday morning jihad drive. That old dinged up can isn’t going much further. Pauline Hanson once had the right idea on this issue but she appears to be losing her marbles going into her dotage.

The future election issues will be the following; immigration, immigration, and throw in some more of that immigration. If we had a system like the USA where a rank outsider like Trump could just come in and win it then I’d throw my hat into the ring. All I’d have to do would be to repeat everything that I’ve been writing about this subject for the last three years. Throw in some decent memes and some grade A Twitter trolling and I’d be the next prime minister of Australia.

But it’s not like it’s a secret. Politicians from Trump, to Salvini, to Orban, to the East Germans who are fed up with their West German counterparts’ soy-boy schtick prove that the only issue that counts is immigration.

Someone should remind Cory Bernardi about that. You know, the man who hasn’t had a reportable press conference since he set up his new shop.