Tommy Robinson Goes to Bat for the British Armed Forces Against the Muslim Council of Britain


Lady Sheila Yowess DCSG

At a Motorway Service Station on the M1, several busloads of young British soldiers pull over and Tommy Robinson happens to be there. They have their photos taken with Tommy and this is shared online.

The British army has now seized the phones and is investigating the young men who had their pictures taken.

Phones seized by the army? For what?

The Muslim Council of Britain has made a song and dance about these photos on social media. The 2IC of the Muslim Council has delivered a statement to the British armed forces stating that its members are now legitimate targets for suicide bombers.

That’s who the British army is pandering to.

The author, Lady Sheila Yowess is a Dame Companion of the Excellent Order of Strewth, Grouse and the Strayan Way, abreviated thus: DCSG. Sir Bruce, the Yowie and Knight Cmdr of the Order, KCSG is at present otherwise engaged and has tasked the Dame Companions to write for the internet.