Greatness from Gab: The Demographic War


Gab is an amazing place. Imagine an island which serves as the place of banishment to where all the most annoying, obnoxious and dangerous people of a society are sent, only to realise that they include some of the most creative, insightful and subversive among their number.

Gab is that island, a digital island.

When all the shitlords got permabanned in the Great Expulsion of 2017, they went to Gab. You want to know why Trump got elected? Go to Gab.

Outside of Facebook, Gab provides the biggest level of social media engagement for is The XYZ. The platform isn’t perfect, but hey, you go to war with the army you have. You can find The XYZ on Gab at

Gab will change you. Here is a taste.

And there are plenty more where that came from.

It’s your XYZ.