Could Malcolm’s Wentworth revenge work in Nationalists’ favour?


Malcolm Turnbull is an NPC who should never have been let anywhere near the Liberal Party. He wreaked havoc as PM, dragging the Libs down the path of socialism, and his “if I can’t have it nobody can have it” attitude once they finally kicked him out is set to wreak more:

From on the Wentworth bi-election:

But here’s one last update on the results with 50.50 per cent of the vote counted and 36 of 41 polling places returned.

Independent Kerryn Phelps is ahead on the two-candidate preferred vote by 54.39 per cent compared to Liberal candidate Dave Sharma on 45.61 per cent.

Dr Phelps has 17,500 primary votes compared to Mr Sharma’s 20,712 votes…

There was a 27 per cent swing away from the Liberal Party, the biggest swing against a government in a by-election in the history of federal parliament.

Not a bad day’s work for a psychopath far more dangerous than Kevin “sandwich” Rudd ever was:

The disastrous by-election result for the Liberal Party is already being blamed on the former prime minister and Wentworth MP.

Mr Turnbull was noticeably absent from the campaign and his son was openly encouraging people to vote for Kerryn Phelps.

Australian associate editor Chris Kenny said he thought the repercussions of the loss would be extraordinary.

“There’s going to be incredible turmoil within the Liberal Party as the blame game plays out,” he told Sky News.

“I think Malcolm Turnbull’s reputation is going to be absolutely trashed.

“We’ve had leaders of course take down other leaders in the past but we’ve never seen a leader take down his own party’s majority.”

Kenny said conservatives would blame Mr Turnbull for the loss while moderates in the party would say the problem started with the former PM being dumped.

“It’s going to be chaotic,” Kenny said.

Who cares. They brought it on themselves and it means we real conservatives may actually be able to create something out of the destruction. Here is the line in the analysis that matters:

“It means the Morrison Government will lose its one-seat majority and Australia now has a hung parliament. The Liberal Party will have to work with crossbenchers to get its legislation passed.”

And look who has a seat in the Lower House:

From Twitter.

Don’t you love the irony? The people of Wentworth are obsessed with non-issues such as so-called “climate change” and “diversity”. The Libs have gotten that message loud and clear, understanding that in Wentworth the only way to beat a dyke is with a dyke:

But the victory for Malcolm and the flogs in Wentworth could be pyrrhic, because for now it may empower a conservative.

Bob Katter has held the Federal seat of Kennedy in the House of Representatives since 1993. What a shame he cucked just the other day:

In an interview with Sky News, Mr Katter said Senator Anning’s rhetoric was “a problem for our party”.

“The president of the party (Shane Paulger) has expressed some very grave reservations and I’ve made it perfectly clear to Fraser Anning there’s no more going down this pathway. This is an anti-racist party,” he said.

Now would be the perfect time to uncuck. Because what are they going to do? Not talk to you?

Over to you, Bob.