Chinamen and Nazis


It has been a few days since the NPC ABC released its a report, with the unintentionally hilarious title Haircuts and Hatred, into the supposed “inflitration” of so-called “conservative” political parties in Australia by the so-called “Australian alt-right”.

The report provides a good example of how many NPC’s assume that stating what their conservative opponents have said or done is an argument in and of itself. For example:

“But the club is similar in several respects to some of the most extreme far right men’s clubs from around the world.

“The nationalist messaging, the flags on the walls, and the nostalgia over so-called lost masculine values are a common thread.”

Here, the author assumes that most people share her extreme views on so-called “gender identity”, open borders and socialism, when in fact most people see this kind of behaviour as perfectly natural and normal.

Nazis. Nazis everywhere.

The report also provides an excellent example of the far left’s complete lack of self-awareness:

“There’s a very, very short pathway from anti-Chinese sentiment to neo-Nazis,” she said.

From Babe:

“I’m not sure if you realise how much the other animals are laughing at you.”

It’s your XYZ.

Photo by Anja Disseldorp