XYZ Live #27: Lauren Southern kicked out of Lakemba and other things, like Tanks!


In last night’s livestream, David Hiscox and Matty’s Modern Life discussed the following topics:

  • Lauren Southern’s exposure of the sharia law in operation in Lakemba.
  • The Super Saturday results and the latest Newspoll figures which show that a large portion of Australians are fed up with both major political parties.
  • How the publicly-funded ABC is responsible for the demise of Fairfax.
  • How a restriction of suffrage to land owners would lead to better democratic outcomes.

We are getting more efficient with covering policial topics, thus the last half hour or so was dedicated to a discussion of whether individual citizens should be allowed to own a tank. David was only meme-ing. Matty was serious.

Best. Livestream. Ever.