Sunday, 6th May, saw an important event held in London that next to no major media outlets covered, leastwise the major state broadcaster BBC. Thousands turned up to the #DayForFreedom, an event organised by British activist Tommy Robinson, that brought together a variety of speakers such as Sargon of Akkad, Milo Yiannopoulus, Anne Marie Waters, and Lauren Southern amongst others in support of free speech, and to protest the UK government’s crackdown on any speech in the public sphere and on social media that doesn’t conform to the progressive agenda.

Including a march from Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, the main event took place in the heart of Whitehall in central London, not too far from No 10 Downing Street, so one would think there’d be a reasonable degree of media attention paid. Instead, I can find barely a mention of it in the mainstream press, barring the usual Leftist opinion dressed up as news from The Guardian and The Evening Standard, replete with lots of useful inverted commas around “free speech”, and the vilification of attendees and speakers as being “far right” or “right wing”, thus signalling to their usual leftie luvvie readers that the illiterate peasants are revolting and, heaven forbid, going off message.

Why oh why can’t the plebs just be quiet and accept that they’re being replaced?

The overall tone of the reporting on this event has been desultory to say the least – there’s a genuine disdain on the part of the mainstream media for anything to do with these sorts of protests, but my feeling is that the Left’s lack of awareness is starting to indicate that they may just be losing the argument. In its rampant desire to implement social justice authoritarianism in the UK, the Left has utterly deserted not only the spirit of free speech under the guise of the Tolerance Police [tolerance for anything except traditional British values and sovereignty], but in so doing hopefully also roused the ire of the average working class, patriotic Brit, who is tired of seeing his country slowly devolve into a totalitarian police state.

It was the absolutely disgusting guilty conviction and fine handed to Count Dankula aka Marcus Meacham for causing Gross Offense (yes, that is a crime now) over the Nazi-Pug YouTube video on April 23rd that likely provided most of the impetus for this event. As Count Dankula himself says, if the UK justice system can now hold sway over the thoughts of it’s citizens, empowered to interpret the words of its citizens and adjudicate arbitrarily the legality of the context in which the words were spoken or written, then the UK really has degenerated into the dystopian realm of thought-crime.

By threatening, censoring and smearing those that dare to think for themselves or point out obvious truths with the moniker of racist, fascist or far right – including labour politicians and noted lefties – the Left is almost daily rendering its main weapon increasingly ineffective. I’m not sure about you, but if it’s racist to point out that UK grooming gangs are 90% Muslim, or fascist to point out the truth of the matter, well then so be it. Once everyone’s been branded a racist or a fascist, the ad hominem attacks mean nothing anymore.

I know that most of the reporting about Sunday’s event will be negative. If the majority of the comments on social media about the event, the speakers or the attendees are representative, the average dumbed-down progressive liberal hasn’t the faintest idea that laws put in place now that set legal precedent as to what is or isn’t acceptable speech, can just as easily (and will) be used against them as governments grow increasingly totalitarian.

Tens of thousands of pearl-clutching progressive Brits have already signed up to protest Donald Trump’s visit to the UK in July, citing that their right to protest is sacrosanct, with London Major Sadiq Kahn declaring with no sense of irony at all that Trump will “no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.”

Oh, spare me the hypocritical bullshit.

Kahn and his progressive ilk are completely missing what is a defining moment in the history of the UK. If the Left continues to be so monumentally stupid as to make the curtailing of free speech a major policy platform, then I believe theirs will ultimately be a losing side.

If this YouTube interview just the other day between liberal comedian Jonathan Pie and walking SJW caricature, Owen Jones, is anything to go by – especially the comments underneath by many who would class themselves Jones supporters – then Tommy Robinson, Count Dankula and the other organisers of #DayForFreedom are starting to win, and what price wouldn’t we pay to see that.