Realising the Left hates you and what to do about it


Recently, as the Leftist horde was circling him like a flock of cadaverous vultures, newly minted Senator Jim Molan sought support by appearing on the Sky News show of conservative pundit Andrew Bolt.


WATCH: Senator Jim Molan says ‘we should expect people who come to this country to recognise what our culture is.’ #theboltreport

Posted by The Bolt Report on Thursday, 15 February 2018

During the interview Bolt (while agreeing that Molan had done nothing wrong) seemed to do his level best to try and encourage the Senator to throw away what would become a resounding victory against the Left by apologising for any offence caused.

You really have to wonder at what point Mr Bolt is going to wake up. Over the years the Left have dragged him through the courts via “hate-speech” laws, assaulted him on the street, harassed his wife and children, put his face on dartboards at University student union events and even cheered in fits of almost orgasmic joy when the news came out that he had badly hurt himself falling out of a tree.

Andrew is symptomatic of a certain type of right-of-centre Australian who thinks that the battle between Left and Right is some sort of gentleman’s cricket game played in good faith by all. Deep down such people (and Bolt is only the most prominent in a crowded field) really do seem to think that pointing out that the Left is breaking the rules and being unsporting in the way they conduct themselves is some sort of victory.

For decades now I’ve watched as the Left has marched through every institution in Australia, while the more prominent voices on the Right have contented themselves with pointing out how rotten and hypocritical their opponents have been while winning victory after victory. As if being a noble and honourable loser is somehow the point. As if we’re all going to shake hands and meet up later in the bar to discuss the match over sherry.

I address this to Mr Bolt but it could be addressed to most of the prominent members of the wider Australian Right as a whole:

The Left doesn’t care if you think they’re hypocrites. They genuinely don’t give a damn if you point out that they aren’t playing by what you consider the rules of the game.

The reason they don’t care is simple and obvious. So simple and so obvious that it really shouldn’t need to be said.

They hate you.

They really, really hate you.

They don’t simply disagree with you on some philosophical level. They don’t consider you simply wrong or misguided. They hate you. They want everyone like you gone. They want everyone who thinks like you, looks like you, acts like you, believes the things you believe or even likes the things you like, to die out and disappear.

Once you understand that you understand why Senator Molan refusing to apologise was the very best thing he could do. Once you accept that they don’t simply disagree with you, but rather hate and despise everything about you, the way the Left acts suddenly starts to makes sense.

Every one of their ideas is a failure, every foundational stone of their ideology is cracked beyond repair, and every time their philosophies are put into practice the results are abysmal, from the “Closing the gap” campaign in Australia to collectivised farming in the 1930s Ukraine.

They need someone to blame. They need an all-powerful evil malicious conspiracy that causes all their ideas and ideologies to collapse, their programs to continually end in disaster and their dreams to perpetually remain unfulfilled.

And that someone is you.

Don’t believe me? Just ask them. Go on social media, find an Australian Leftist and mildly disagree with them. Even just say something positive about Australia or Australian history. Continue to disagree with them and the veneer of snarky sarcasm will drop and the fangs will come out.

They will tell you themselves how much they hate you and everything you love. They will tell you how they hate your country, its flag, its constitution, its culture and its history.

They will tell you how they hate Anzac Day and the Australian military and despise those who revere them.

They will openly talk about their hatred for white Australians (despite most of them being white) and how they look forward to the day when that group ceases to exist. With a little more prompting they will tell you how they also hate any non-white person who appreciates Australia and the culture and history of those who built it.

They hate you because for the entirety of their lives they have been taught by teachers, professors and journalists that you and those like you are the sole speed bump on their journey to utopia. That if only you could be beaten down, driven out and shamed into silent acceptance of your own inevitable extinction, the dawn of paradise on earth could arrive.

While white males in particular are as much a focus for their hatred as Jews are for a neo-Nazi don’t be fooled, their hate goes so much further than that. Even being a radical feminist like Germaine Greer who disagrees with the latest orthodoxy on transsexuality is enough to inspire spittle flecked outbursts of self-righteous screeching.

They have more than enough hate to go around.

The Right constantly mocks the Left for betraying their supposed principles. They point out that the same people who scream about free speech in the cases of Tarneen Onus-Williams or Yassmin Abdel-Magied are the first to demand the enforcement of “hate speech” laws or attack churches where traditional marriage advocates are speaking.

The Left doesn’t care if you point this out. Your observations are by definition invalid simply because they come from you. The only principle the Left has is whatever will help the Left win today. Hypocrisy doesn’t matter because the prize is a utopia. Their goal is a perfect world of blissful happiness, which is by definition a world without you.

Do you really think the Left gives a damn if the people they want to disappear completely, point out inconsistencies in how they go about fulfilling their plan of eliminating them?

And that is their plan. They dominate the schools and universities, making sure that every graduating year is slightly more Leftist in their worldview than the last.

Many moderate Right wingers are shocked at the violence the Left displays whenever they feel challenged. Such innocents don’t understand that the only reason these people don’t currently feel justified in locking people like you up in camps is that they feel they are winning anyway. Since they control the education of your children they can simply wait for you to die out rather than dirtying their hands by killing you.

When they feel that the pendulum is swinging away from them, even ever so slightly, then you see the claws come out. When John Howard won an election in 1996 a Leftist mob of thousands invaded and trashed a Parliament House then only eight years old. When Tony Abbott won an election in 2013 the protests began before he even took office. Even before Donald Trump won the Republican nomination his supporters were being attacked by Leftist mobs on the streets.

If the Left is being nice to you, if they seem like they’re playing fair, it’s because you’re already losing and they consider your defeat to be inevitable. Shatter that illusion sufficiently and the next shattering you hear may well be the windows of your house accompanied by the screams of your frightened family.

They will take your job, remove your livelihood, slander your name, terrorise your family, beat you in the street and ultimately even kill you – whatever it takes to break you, desecrate the corpse of what was once your life and intimidate others into submission by making you an example. Defiance against them cannot be allowed to stand. They will burn down your city, your country and even the world if they think for a second that you might actually turn their project of “progress” around.

So what can we do?

The first step is to stop living in a fantasy world where the Left has ever been anything other than what it is. They are utopian fanatics and there was never any dreamy nice-time in the past where they did not use violence to suppress those who disagreed with them. The only times the Left are peaceful is when they’re winning. The only times the Left has ever promoted freedom of expression is when they weren’t in control.

Understand that not even Leftists are one-hundred percent sure where they are going anymore; the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall decoupled them from any semblance of reality. They now have an almost gnostic hatred for everything that exists, and a simple desire to destroy or deface anything that is beautiful. Transgender education for toddlers? Sure why not?

Realise that anyone or anything that begins to roll back the tide of their insanity or even just threatens to slow it down will be met with fanaticism and violence. People on the Right want the relentless march towards the cliff edge to stop or slow down, but the Left can’t stop. The faith with which they’ve replaced Christianity tells them that anyone who disagrees with them is a racist, sexist, homophobic Nazi brainwashed by Rupert Murdoch.

When so many of them genuinely believe that anyone who disagrees with them is the next Hitler, why would they ever tolerate disagreement? Why would they ever allow “Hitler-Abbott” or “Hitler-Trump” take power without the most furious, even apocalyptical struggle?


People on the Right need to wake up to the fact that this is not a game. This is a zero-sum situation in which one side will win and the other will be eliminated. There is no truce here. No drawn match. The Left understands this, the Right does not.

As a student of history one of my favourite periods is the build up to the Spanish Civil War, not only because the bad guys lost the ensuing conflict but because the events leading up to that conflagration so illustrate the essential nature of the Leftist mind.

The Left now as then is so stuck in its bubble, so obsessed with itself and with arguing over finer and finer points of their own ideology, that they are almost entirely unaware of how far they are able to push people before those people start to fight back.

They will always take any compromise and push for more. There is never any point where they will say “O.K we have come far enough now we can stop” because the first Leftist to voice such an opinion would be crushed by the chorus of his fellows urging more, more and more again. That’s an incredible strength, but also a huge weakness.

Only once you understand this fact as well as the reality of just how much they hate you and everything about you can you begin to understand how they can be beaten and our society steered back to the sunny seas of sanity once more.

But only if we stop fooling ourselves, that’s the first and most important step.