Quote of the Day: Even Wakanda had a wall


David Hilton’s article on the latest propaganda to come out of Hollywood, Black Panther, has provoked some interesting debate over what exactly constitutes a civilisation, and whether Black Africa actually had one.  Here was Hilton’s response:

“Songhai and Mansa were warlords who created some social organisation before things quickly fell apart. They were enriched by trade with the Arabs, particularly slaving. They are comparable to Genghis’ Mongols or the warlords of Afghanistan. Not civilised.

“The versions we read of them now are the result of massive propaganda efforts by the postcolonial revisionists.

“Where are the great monuments? Works of art? Architecture? Enduring accomplishments? Nah. Still barbarians.”

As for the Egyptians:

Not black.

I’m with Hilton on that one.

As for Quote of the Day, it goes to a long time reader of The XYZ who pointed out that when it comes to the truth, you just can’t stop the signal:

“Went and seen it last night. Even the Wakandans thought Africa was a shit hole. Had to build a wall around themselves.”

It’s your XYZ.