Breaking: Bomb blasts, gunfire, in Jakarta


5416688197_44a6e8aca0_Jakarta-UNBreaking news reports indicate that an islamic terrorist attack is currently underway in downtown Jakarta, Indonesia. Seven bomb blasts have gone off, along with gunfire from a suspected sniper, at a police guard point, a Starbucks cafe, and in the vicinity of the UN building and the ABC offices. Six people are dead, including a police officer, and it is feared the death toll will rise.

Six bomb blasts occurred initially, with a seventh blast occurring about an hour later.

This has been a bad couple of days for the people of the islamic and the Third World. A bomb blast in Istanbul, Turkey, a mall attack in Baghdad, Iraq, and an attack outside a polio vaccination clinic in Pakistan show that islamic terrorists do not care about islamic people.

And they have no soul.

Photo by fidzonflickr

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