Europe’s last Hope


13581867193_88c2338487_Viktor-OrbanIs Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban the voice of reason, and of the future, in the European immigration crisis? Months ago, at the height of the crisis, when hordes of mainly young men demanded entry to his country and laid siege to the railway network until getting what they wanted – free passage to the handout heaven that is Germany and Sweden – Orban took a hard line stance, fencing off the border and, in a move that paradoxically shocked human rights and refugee activists and advocates, enforcing the rule of law (the supreme irony of this was seemingly lost on the army of do-gooders and suited EU types keen for so-called refugees to live next to other people).

Orban has recently, and rightly, said that stopping the flow of migrants would be “the decisive issue of 2016”. Whilst it would not be unusual for a border to the patrolled in some way in most parts of the world, and for one seeking entry into a sovereign nation from another to be stopped and asked for a Passport and / or visa, the free for all in Europe has made Hungary the odd man out in being impolite enough to insist on trifles like Passports and visas, even for surprisingly fit and well looking “refugees” who have long ago torched their papers at the suggestion of people smugglers.

Viktor Orban and Hungary are not alone. Slovakia, famous previously only as the backwater Republic featured in movies like Euro-Trip and Hostel, has come to prominence for its counter-cultural stance. Its Prime Minister Robert Fico was only stating the bleeding obvious when he told the Germans there was a “clear link” between the Cologne sex attacks and the influx of refugees, and voiced the silent will of what is left of Europe’s “indigenous” population by insisting “we don’t want what happened in Germany to happen here.” Added Prime Minister Fico, in a further burst of uncensored truth-telling – “the migrants cannot be integrated, it’s simply impossible… the idea of multicultural Europe has failed.”

There is still hope for Europe then, so long as Hungary, with its strong leader Viktor Orban, and Slovakia, with the refreshingly politically correct free Robert Fico in charge, remain resolute and continue to hold out against forced Islamisation. It may well be the native Germans, French, Belgians and Swedes who are troubling the Hungarian border guards some time in the near future.


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