Quote of the Day – Jew face-porks dying muslim terrorist


The XYZ already has a fairly broad definition of what constitutes a “quote” with regard to its Quote of the Day. One might even call it an open border policy.

But we are happy to extend the borders of what constitutes a “quote” as far as possible in order to pay tribute to this act of brilliance by an Israeli who (face-porks) put pork on the face of a wounded terrorist, who had been shot by Israeli security forces who foiled his attack.

The logic of this act is that it denies him, according to his own retarded belief system, the 783 virgins he would receive in paradise for killing those who cause mischief in the land.

Apparently, Israeli officials have justified the act on the grounds that it will deter future suicide attacks. Frankly, we condone doing it just for the hell of it.

Although The XYZ makes a clear distinction between the ideology of islam and the muslims who are the most direct victims of this ideology, when you try to kill us, all bets are off.

One last aside – please note that the Israeli security forces who had just shot the muslim terrorist in order to foil his attack, were the same ones attempting to save his life. Yet more proof of the superiority of Western culture.