Getting On Board with the Latest Hashtag: #‎youaintnomuslimbruv‬


This is the latest hashtag in response to a terror attack. This attack in London is really just a psychotic episode, with a man likely being urged by his spiritual guides to go martyr himself. ‪#‎islamisthefastestgrowingmentalillness‬

I digress. I love the latest hashtag, its so brilliant in many ways.
1) It’s factually correct
2) It’s inadvertently factually correct (unintentionally correctly validates that he is a Muslim)
3) It encapsulates the idiocy and cognitive dissonance of the Islamic sympathisers (basically, if it’s bad, its definitely not Islam. Something I am sure Obama will dictate to us soon)

Just remember, the fella was a Muslim, being a Muslim, motivated by Islamic gripes, doing the Muslim thing of attacking fellow citizens thinking they are the crazy ones. Worse yet, Muslims are surely the victims in this. It’s a perverse logic.

Photo by Lion Multimedia Production U.S.A.