Reap What You’ve Sown


I’m so glad I wrote that piece against Avi Yemeni in 2021. It got me kicked off the anti lockdown speakers circuit and placed on the watch list of the Jewish lobby groups, but it was more than worth it:

Avi Yemini does not criticise his own. Why would he? Why should we expect him to? He doesn’t talk about how Jews dominate positions in Banking, in Hollywood, in media, on Corporate Boards. How they account for a majority of top political posts in the USA. He won’t talk about how Communismwas a Jewish invention. He definitely won’t talk about how the gas chambers in World War Two are a complete fiction

Jews, as a collective, are a significant problem for Western Civilisation and “good” Jews make it that much harder for Anglo Saxon and Celtic men to take the final Red Pill and get to the bottom of the Rabbit hole. 

What good is it for Avi to Red Pill people on the vaccine agenda, if he won’t tell them which group of people are behind it? What good is it for him to report on the abuse of the rank and file Israeli citizens, if he won’t acknowledge that Jews make up the majority of people who are behind the abuse of the world’s citizens? 

Back in August of 2021 I gave him the benefit of the doubt and didnt pass judgement on him personally, I simply stated that because of the tribe he belonged to I couldn’t afford to trust him. I had to remain suspicious of his motives for backing the anti lockdown movement.

I look at the bloke now trying to get sympathy for Jews due to the Left Wing ferals and Muslims who are giving Jews a hard time in Australia right now and just cringe. Will Avi ever admit that all of these people were being funded and encouraged by Jewish groups before now (and probably still are).

Meanwhile the in the US Jews and Jew bought and paid for Politicians have made it illegal to say anything unpleasant about Jews including quoting anything negative about them from the Bible. And this is the type of laws that Avi and his Cabal of Jewish scum want here in Australia.

Remember Jews brought all the Muslims here in the first place. They were the ones behind multiculturalism. As far back as the 1950’s activist Commie Jews that had only just stepped off the boat themselves, were criticising the White Australia Policy and stirring up the Abos. They were behind the Voice to Parliament they were behind the infamous 18C clause of the Racial Discrimination Act.

There are even Jews now pushing for every Palestinian (that isnt already bombed or starved to death) to be deported from Gaza and the West Bank and sent to Western Countries. All so they can be used by Jews here to do what multiculturalism has always done: pit the Goy against one another, whilst the Jew profits and passes more laws to enslave us further. Using the excuse of the violence and unrest over Gaza that they themselves created.

So I have no sympathy for any Jew that gets hurt by the Muslims or Communists. I don’t initiate violence against my enemies. I don’t condone it, I don’t incite it, but I’ll be damned before I give sympathy over it to others who’ve brought it on themselves!


One day we will take our Countries back and deport all of you. Starting with Jews and then all of the other non white non Christian people that the Jews brought here. There needn’t be violence. There were never any gas chambers, so don’t Kvetch to me about a second hollow hoax. You are the violent ones. You are the ones happy to commit genocide wherever you go. Your projection of your own sins onto us just won’t cut it anymore. We will simply do what countless Countries and States have done before us, because in the end, time after time, you never learn so


You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.