The Simpsons was always jewish anti-White propaganda


Zombie TV program The Simpsons has caused a stir this week by turning its woke spotlight on British singer Morrissey.

Morrissey has committed the cardinal crime of being someone who can reach and influence millions of people, but who says things which go against The Narrative. He talks about demographic replacement in Great Britain and how that is a bad thing. The sort of thing that has been getting Tucker some attention in America from our favourite friends.

Other than the screen grab above, we’re not going to link to the actual Simpsons episode, or to any media reporting on it, given that both are poison designed to make you, if you are a straight White man, kill yourself. Word has it though that The Simpsons called Morrissey an Uncle Tom.

Morrissey has been making these points for some time. Black Pigeon Speaks has noticed, and been impressed.

So it was only a matter of time before the anti-Whites tried to shut him down.

The myth I want to dispel in writing this short piece on the matter is that The Simpsons used to be cool but now they suck. That they used to be edgy but wholesome but now they have caved completely to the woke, ie jewish, agenda.

Devon Stack/Blackpilled utterly destroys this notion.

That is only part 1. Looks like Devon is planning on going to town on The Simpsons.

A recurring theme in the red pill journey is to realise just how many signs you were aware of that the world is not as it should be, yet you never managed to arrange the information to explain how. What astounds me is how many of the Simpsons quotes Blackpilled highlights I knew, but I had never bothered to join the dots.

My attitude to The Simpsons was that although it poked fun at Christians it never questioned the existence of God. This is dead wrong. When you see blasphemy after blasphemy, insult after insult, one after another it becomes obvious. The Simpsons systematically over the course of many seasons did everything it could to mock Christians’ beliefs and to ultimately declare God dead.

Insidiously, the Simpsons always affirmed jewish people and the jewish religion and it mocks God and Christians from a very jewish angle. It portrays Christians as stupid, unquestioning drones who need to be led by a supersmart super race who are more educated than them…yeah…

Lisa Simpson is framed as the purported moral core of the family, yet she was the most neurotic and by far the least likeable. Subconscious honety? Maybe.

The deliberately named Homer – subverting a great, ancient Aryan poet – was supposed to be the one we all laughed at but along with Bart he is the most likeable character. Bear this in mind: The charicature of Homer Simpson as the fat, stupid WASP man is how the jews see us. Then consider that Homer Simpson became the template for how practically every dad on television has been protrayed for a good 30 years.

They hate us.

They have deliberately set up the false characature of Homer Simpson in order to undermine the God given authority of fathers in the West.

When we consider that The Simpsons is made by jews and that it has somehow managed to last this long in jewish Hollywood the agenda becomes clear. The Simpsons was always jewish anti-White propaganda. They didn’t eventually succumb to the Hollywood religion of social justice. At first it was packaged subtly so we wouldn’t notice it so much. Now that the Democrats Marxists jews control practically every institution in America to the point where they can just openly steal an election and boast about it, The Simpsons has taken the mask off.