A Godly Woman


Ten years ago my writing here was heavily weighted towards how to interact with women in the modern world. As always my writing was to the point and this can come across as hostility, when in fact it was more of a case of seeking an economy of words so as to have a clarity of viewpoint. I am not a fan of having to wade through thousands of words of waffle and dross to get to what is relevant, so I try not to impose that same condition on my own readership.

Nevertheless, I have not written on the subject of women for quite some time. What I do want to do is to clarify for the record my views on women, and game, the PUA lifestyle, and marriage.

The viewpoint from the MGTOW community and others like it is that the modern man should avoid marriage as it is a zero sum losing game. I consider this to be correct on the face of it.

The opposing red pill viewpoint is that men need to get married and have children, and to not do so is a mindset based on fear and avoidance of risk. I also consider this to be correct.

So the question is, how can two opposing viewpoints be correct?

When attempting to answer this question, it is important to keep in mind the reality that the modern world is a disease. It is corrupted and exists in inversion to God. We grew up in a secular world and we are marked by that experience. Our reactions to problems within it are themselves tainted with its stench. It’s a continuing line of broke.

Game theory as pertains to women and the PUA community are examples of this. Game is an attempt by secular men to attract and manage secular women in a secular world. The secular world is a world of lies and deceit and Game is a reflection of this state of affairs. It treats women as superficial disposable goods, and it reduces men to dancing monkeys; performers who can never take the risk of relaxing. It is short term win, (if your aim is to get laid), but in the long term it is an almost certain losing proposition.

Any long term relationship, let alone marriage, that is founded on this basis exists on a foundation of shifting sands. Understand that this is by design. They want it this way. They destroyed the family, and that also means future families. And they worked very hard and for a very long time to achieve this.

No modern woman who exists firmly in the secular world is worth the risk as far as I’m concerned. They have been corrupted, but you need to understand that you yourselves are very likely to be just as corrupted. But to opt out entirely is to let the System win by default. You lose by surrendering. The regime loves the MGTOW mindset for that reason.

The only solution is for men to dedicate themselves to forming a strong Christian ethos, and for living this spiritual strength in real life. The red pill journey has always been one of recognising the lies of the modern world and the manipulations and propaganda used against us. Not surprisingly, anyone on such a journey who is even remotely honest eventually arrives at God and Christianity. He was the answer all along. Our enemies know this which is why they have worked so hard to discredit, usurp and destroy the Church.

We must become godly men. Such men are those who have awakened themselves to the lies of the modern world, and who have done so through Christ. They are spiritual warriors. A godly man does his best to avoid mortal sin. Such acts are repulsive to us. And there is no bargaining with God. I thus strongly disagree with the advice to sleep with a woman before marriage so as to cement your hold on her. This type of behavior is a reflection of the secular world from which we are trying to escape.

A godly man needs to seek out a godly woman. The godly woman is a reflection of the godly man. They are on the same journey, but one is the masculine and the other the feminine. The tricks and manipulations of game will not only not work on such a woman, they will repulse her. Sex outside of a marriage before God should not be acceptable to her. Her past behavior might well have been the opposite of this, before she too woke up to and escaped from the lies of the secular world. Both the man and the woman must make their own value judgements in such a situation.

Know and understand that the greater majority of men and women will choose to remain in the secular world. They have a vast pool of prospective partners from which to choose. The godly man and woman are in much shorter supply.

To find such a person, work on your own godliness first and foremost. You will find that you will become unacceptable to women who are squarely ensconced in the secular world. In such interactions, your words and charms will fail you. They will regard you as if you were a creature in a zoo.

Trust to God to help you. If it is His will for you, He will find you the person that you seek. Our faith counts most in times of difficulty and lack. He will most probably not make it easy for you, but the challenges that we encounter on the journey and our ability to deal with them with grace are what shape and define us.

I hope that my thoughts on this topic have been clear, and that perhaps they may be of some small comfort. Any errors are mine alone.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can purchase Adam’s books here.