The Avi Yemini problem and the danger of good Jews


Originally published August 1, 2021.

Avi Yemini is a Jew. He speaks out against the CoVid scam and the lockdowns here in Australia. He also ridicules Global Warming, the LGBTQ movement, black Lives Matter and Antifa. He is employed by Rebel Media and he appears to be doing a lot to Red Pill the normies. For all I know, he might even be a really good bloke too. I could probably enjoy a beer with him.

Because he is a Jew, Avi, by his anti establishment stance, counters the Left’s cries of racism and tempers the Right’s “anti Semite” faction. And this is the problem with Avi Yemini.

With any stereotype given for a group, there will always be exceptions that prove the rule. As long as everyone still understands that the rule still generally applies, then there is no issue. If, however the exceptions become reasons to deny the broader reality, then this can become extremely dangerous. 

Avi Yemini does not criticise his own. Why would he? Why should we expect him to? He doesn’t talk about how Jews dominate positions in Banking, in Hollywood, in media, on Corporate Boards. How they account for a majority of top political posts in the USA. He won’t talk about how Communism was a Jewish invention. He definitely won’t talk about how the gas chambers in World War Two are a complete fiction. 

What he will talk about is the Israeli Government abusing its own with the vaccine passports, third shots of the jab and continued lockdowns.  But when we are talking about Jewish plots, the fully red pilled know that the elites of any group never have an issue in sacrificing their own. 

Jews, as a collective, are a significant problem for Western Civilisation and “good” Jews make it that much harder for Anglo Saxon and Celtic men to take the final Red Pill and get to the bottom of the Rabbit hole. 

What good is it for Avi to Red Pill people on the vaccine agenda, if he won’t tell them which group of people are behind it? What good is it for him to report on the abuse of the rank and file Israeli citizens, if he won’t acknowledge that Jews make up the majority of people who are behind the abuse of the world’s citizens? 

Good Jews are just as much a problem for getting the full truth to people as bad Gentiles. If you are not getting Civ Nat resistance because of people like Avi, then you’re getting pushback because of non Jews who are also part of the Globalist Agenda. All of this obscures the fact that Jews are grossly over represented in positions of power and influence. Even Avi himself being the face of Rebel media in Australia is telling. There just seems to be a trait within Jews that is narcissistically ambitious and self aggrandising. Even if they are doing some good. 

Many people within the Nationalist movement call people like Avi Yemimi, controlled opposition. I don’t know if that is the case. A better term might be “Gatekeeper”. The same goes for Gentiles such as Andrew Bolt or Alan Jones on Sky news. They are a bottleneck to full enlightenment. A place where people find a new comfort zone and don’t have to challenge their beliefs about the world any further. That said, one could also say they are a gateway drug to the Red Pill. How many people were awoken from slumber by Jordan Peterson, for example? Only to eventually move beyond his sophistry around simplistic concepts and find better teachers. 

The import thing is that we recognise the roles that such people play. Whether their roles are controlled from above or simply utilised, is besides the point. They are ultimately a barrier that hinders effective resistance. 

Nationalists will have to make a decision about how they interact with people from other races and cultures that live in our country. People who broadly oppose Globalism, but in one way or another, hinder our mission to have an homogeneous Nation again. Personally, I have no problem in making allies with people from any other race or culture that are living here. We are currently in a position of weakness and all help is welcome.

What I don’t do, is build my local community with anything other than white Christians. The key to defeating the Jewish and Satanic Globalist Agenda is not to “all come together” as so many female speakers at protests keep saying. It is to prioritise our loyalties and focus them onto people who are the closest to, and most like, ourselves. 

God lives within us, so we put Him first. Then our immediate family, extended family (race and religion) and then everyone else. 

“Good Jews” are part of the “everyone else” category. I can work with them. I can be sociable with them. I can even be friends with them, if they wish to be friends with me. Ultimately though, I am in a war and victory in that war will be when good Jews, good Blacks, good Asians, etc are living in separate Countries to me. If we are friends, we can visit each other on holidays, then go home again. We can trade if it benefits both of our Nations to do so. For the foreseeable future we can be allies on specific immediate issues such as lockdowns or vaccine passports. 

We must never forget though, that the long term plans of the Jewish and Satanic cabal is to destroy all races and cultures, starting with our own. Only two races will ultimately remain: Elite bloodlines and a brown soup slave class of interbred compliant mongrels. Likely only 500 million of them. 

“Good Jews” stand in the way of that ultimate Red Pill and this needs to be exposed.

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his own books here.