The Flag of Freedom


A young Canadian farming family with nine children immigrate to Russia. Have no doubt, they are fleeing persecution. How quickly the world changes. See the relief on their faces as the knowledge that their massive step into the unknown was the correct decision.

Canada does not want them. They represent everything that modern socialist Canada despises; a large, hard working, Christian, courageous white family.

More will follow them. But many more will attack them for their choice to flee. The crabs that pull down into the barrel those that seek to escape. Canada and Australia in particular, those countries are gone. Their demographic base was too small relative to the amount of mass immigration to survive the onslaught. Now they are ruled by a combination of foreign invaders who hate them, and Quisling whites who hate themselves. I myself have moved many times around the world. It is both hard and easy. The hardest part by far is the decision to go.

The headline in today’s Australian newspaper is the following:

White Australians who identify as such are declared to be ‘Neo-Nazis’ by the state. Our country is gone, it was stolen from us. We are not getting it back. The time to act was thirty years ago. To the scattered groups of Australians attempting to set up small communities in Australia I say this: get out now. The writing is on the wall. Anything that you manage to build will be taken from you by our enemies.

I hate to write these words. Reality is a brutal mistress, especially to those who cannot see or accept it. But let this family’s experience give you hope and inspire you. There is another way.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill.