Dictator Dan Cancels Commonwealth Games: But we’re still getting a referendum


What’s he going to do next, cancel Christmas?

Oh. Remember Covid?

The Commonwealth Games Federation was only given eight hours notice about the Victorian government’s sudden backflip on hosting the sporting event in 2026.

Daniel Andrews announced the decision on Tuesday morning, sending shockwaves across the country when he revealed Victoria would no longer host the games as a result of funding issues.

In a statement, the CGF said they were “disappointed” they were only given eight hours notice and there was no consideration given to discussing solutions before the decision was reached.

“This is hugely disappointing for the Commonwealth Sport Movement, for athletes … and the Organising Committee who are well advanced in their planning and preparation,” the statement said.

“The reasons given are financial. The numbers quoted to us today of $6bn are 50 per cent more than those advised to the Organising Committee board at its meeting in June.”

The Federation said the figures being attributed to price escalation due to the “unique regional delivery model” the state government had chosen for the games.

In particular, the Victorian government proposed to build venues, a village and transport infrastructure.

“Since awarding Victoria the games, the government has made decisions to include more sports and an additional regional hub, and changed plans for venues, all of which have added considerable expense, often against the advice of the CGF and Commonwealth Games Australia,” the CGF said.

The chief executive of the Commonwealth Games Australia has also blasted Mr Andrews’ backflip, saying it will affect Australia’s standing on the international sporting stage.

Financial constraints are the public excuse given for cancelling the Commonwealth Games. So, why is Victoria in such dire financial straits?

Dictator Dan slugs Victorians to pay Covid Debt

When you shut down the economy under the pretext of a fake virus and print money out of thin air to pay people to stay home, you’re going to get debt and inflation. Also, when you pay companies not to do things, costs tend to blow out.

It is estimated it will still cost about a billion dollars to not host the Commonwealth Games, about as much as it cost to not build the East-West Link. This is financial mismanagement on a monumental scale.

Yet we’re still being slugged nationally to be forced to vote on whether or not we want to give our country away.

This is the priority of the entire political class.

As with most government programs, rest assured that this cost will blow out too. We can also ask why the Victorian government doesn’t cut needless spending on “climate change” programs, groomer indoctrination or holocaust “education”.

This reveals the deeper reasoning behind cancelling the Commonwealth Games: The Commonwealth Games represents real Australians, White, Christian, Anglo Australians.

Saluting the Cross of Saint George? We can’t have that. It used to be called the Empire Games, because we were a proud outpost of the greatest empire on Earth.

1938 Empire Games, Sydney.
Remember Rhodesia?

Daniel Andrews cancelled the Commonwealth Games because he hates White people. Anglo Aussies are already a minority in Australia and multiculturalism is official government policy and the official state religion.

We are living through this replacement. Nationally, massive inflation has been caused by the Covid lockdowns, environmental extremism and the World War 3 sanctions which have backfired spectacularly.

The RBA has hiked interest rates at an unprecedented rate in an effort to combat this, making mortgages and rents unaffordable for many. However its efforts are being negated by unprecedented mass immigration to the tune of hundreds of thousands of people every year solely to boost GDP and avoid a technical recession. The Chairman of the RBA was sacked for pointing this out.

Thus the government leverages every possible factor under its control against White Australia. It is impoverishing us through mass immigration and economic warfare. Renaming every conceivable location on the continent, extorting $2.5 million just to plant some trees, forcing us to vote elite aboriginal activists into permanent power via the “voice to parliament”, cancelling the Commonwealth Games and promoting a woke, anti-White Test cricket captain, while killing our greatest ever larrikin cricketer via the covid vaccine is cultural warfare.

Our rulers are determined to erase us and to erase all evidence that we ever existed.

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