Reserve Bank Chairman fired for criticising immigration and racial replacement


Are these the words that condemned Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe?

“We’re going to have 2 per cent more people in the country this year but the capital stock is not increasing by 2 per cent.”

Translation: Mass immigration is overwhelming Australia’s construction industry.

This leads to higher house prices and higher rents, the key drivers of inflation. Even though builders, buyers and renters are being driven to the wall and onto the streets, the RBA has no option other than to keep increasing interest rates to keep inflation from running out of control.

We all know where that leads.

However, the Albanese government is intent on forcing a record number of immigrants on Australians – as many as 750,000 in the next two years alone. Thus for pointing out the root cause of inflation – mass immigration – Phillip Lowe has been sacked.

The situation is so dire that even the ABC is publishing XYZ talking points…..19 paragraphs into their article:

There’s little disagreement over what exactly is causing the problem: a housing shortage. And no-one would argue that it is being exacerbated by a sudden juicing of population growth as immigrants flood back to the country after a three-year pandemic-induced absence.

Few commentators, however, are prepared to veer into the dangerous territory of how to fix things.

Letting Aussies have their own country back is “dangerous territory”.

Lowe summed up the conundrum in Senate estimates last week.

“We’re going to have 2 per cent more people in the country this year but the capital stock is not increasing by 2 per cent,” he said.

That’s a complex way of stating the bleeding obvious. We’re not building enough housing to cope with the number of people heading to Australia.

At the moment, more than 1,000 people are entering the country every single day. They’re arriving at a time when there isn’t enough housing to accommodate those already here. And we are certainly not completing anywhere near the necessary 300 to 500 new residences a day.

In fact, we are still completing roughly the same number of new dwellings as in 1995.

Add in a crisis with construction firms going belly up at the fastest rate in years and forecasts for housing finance dropping away at an alarming clip, and the supply situation appears likely to further deteriorate.

They’re even admitting that government and business love mass immigration because it serves their own interests at the expense of the Australian people.

While governments encourage mass immigration because it delivers the illusion of economic growth and business backs it because more people automatically deliver bigger markets and more profits, if not properly managed, there is an economic downside to opening the immigration floodgates.

That illusion of GDP growth is likely to be on full display this week when the March quarter data is released. Once population growth is subtracted, there’s a strong chance our economy will have contracted during the quarter.

The government needs mass immigration to prevent a technical recession, because the rule of thumb in Australian politics is that a recession leads to a decade in the political wilderness. If the RBA governor doesn’t want to play ball, ditch the governor, regardless of the cost to ordinary Aussies.

The long term result will be be ethnic replacement of Anglo Australians. We are already a minority in our own country, but the government does not care. Instead it is criminalising advocacy of White Australian interests, pushing for the establishment of a body which would supersede government and the illusion of a democratic process, and selling us out to their international masters.

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