Zionist “National Conservative” Governments Are Flooding Europe With Millions Of Non-White Migrants


From National Justice Party.

The European National Conservative movement is rising. Their brain trust and clearing house is the Edmund Burke Foundation, a Zionist cut-out run by the heads of the Jerusalem-based Theodore Herzl Institute. This trans-Atlantic alliance hosts leaders from the US Republican Party, Hungary, Poland, Britain, and Italy seeking to implement the “new right” ideology put to paper by Israeli academic Yoram Hazony in his 2018 book The Virtue of Nationalism, which expresses support for the NATO pact, an anti-racist civic patriotism rooted in “Judeo-Christian” values, and a worldview epistemologically rooted in Anglo-American right-liberal values, which he contrasts against authoritarian continental philosophies such as Marxism and Fascism.

National Conservatives insist that they are a radical departure from Reaganist-Thatcherist right-Atlanticist consensus. They embrace online 4chan lingo and memes, flirt with Peter Thiel (a major backer of the NatCon movement) financed neo-reactionaries promoting Monarchism, Catholic Integralism, libertarianism, “post-leftism” and select strains of Paleo-Conservatism, and actively seek to discipline and integrate (or co-opt) the white populist energy unleashed by both the alt-right and Trumpism, albeit without the racialist core or even Trump himself.

The idea that this is something new is hard to believe when all of yesterday’s NeoCons are today’s NatCons. Aside from the Israeli agents who control the Edmund Burke Foundation ( Yoram Hazony, Chairman and Ofir Haivry, VP), figures such as Christopher DeMuth (Conference Chair) and David Brog (President), along with the majority of rank-and-file supporters, fellows, influencers and speakers, are plucked straight from America’s most notorious Jewish neo-conservative think-tanks and NGOs: the Hudson Institute, the Claremont Institute, Christians United For Israel, Young Americans Foundation, and so on. The average National Conservative “popularizer” comes from outlets like the National Review and Wall Street Journal and have transformed themselves as post-liberal Twitter “populists” claiming the mantle of Trumpism despite them having been fanatical Never Trumpers in 2016 almost down to a man.

The sudden rise of this mysterious group, which according to its tax-returns has a modest income, is a mystery in and of itself. Hazony has somehow been able to attract prominent world leaders, billionaires and famous intellectuals to speak at his event despite being a little known academic at a second-rate Israeli university. There is at least enough evidence to believe it may be a US State Department and Israeli influence project in subject nations, with people in the know at the Heritage Foundation presenting National Conservatism as an important foreign policy tool in Washington’s toolbox. Hazony and his movement express virulent hostility towards the traditional European right, which even in its weakest forms has typically held to blood and soil concepts such as Jus Sanguinis citizenship, protection of the common good, and skepticism of markets. In reality, National Conservatives appear to be angling to capture grassroots white disenchantment with the ruling liberal order by putting a new paintjob on the Allied powers’ de-Nazified “Christian-Democrat”controlled opposition right, exemplified by notorious figures such as former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which have suffered a catastrophic loss of popular confidence due to their disastrous policies during the 2015 European refugee crisis.

According to the National Conservative conference’s Statement of Principles, they “reject the socialist principle” and support “traditions of individual liberty that are central to the Anglo-American political tradition,” which is intuitively alien to most of Europe, but the Eastern half in particular. Foreign policy wise, they do critique liberal interventionism, but this is betrayed by conference hosts China-hawks who have spoken in support of sending US troops to fight China over Taiwan. They are open to immigration restrictions, but hedge against this by claiming “Western nations” can benefit from liberal immigration as well. On the reality of race, they are firmly in the denialist camp, stating familiar platitudes on the matter while also selling their form of nationalism as a “sound basis for conciliation and unity among diverse communities” and the “the unique needs of particular minority communities.”

National Conservatives seek to be everything to everybody and have even captured the imagination of a few young former alt-right individuals, but in practice they follow a trajectory that betrays even their tepid stated principles. The main campaign issue that has propelled them into power and relevance is their stated opposition to mass migration and the Great Replacement.  Strikingly, it is adherents to this very ideology who are now becoming some of Europe’s worst offenders on the matter of open borders. The problem is so bad that they are attracting criticism from individuals in their own parties and even left-wing and centrist political rivals for being too lax on the question of African and Asian immigration!


Home Secretary Suella Braverman of the Conservative Party was the keynote speaker at the 2023 NatCon Conference in London last May. In her talk, she called for a drastic reduction of immigration to Britain.

She did not mention that since taking office, Braverman — whose Tories swept to power by winning Labour strangleholds with a one issue anti-immigration campaign — enabled the entry of 600,000 migrants (1.2 million for all of 2022 under the Tories) to the UK, the largest in the country’s history.

Bafflingly, Braverman continues to make opposition to mass migration a quintessential part of the character she plays when the TV cameras are rolling. She has been fighting a phony media war with the left since her appointment, taking rhetorically hardline immigration stances to confuse the distracted public while quietly enabling an unprecedented invasion. Tories take great pains to make the irrelevant categorical distinction between “illegal” and “legal” migration, yet even on the matter of illegal migrant “small boat” crossings into Britain, which Tories have demanded zero-tolerance for, Braverman and her party have capitulated, saying the British must grant amnesty to all who wash up on their shores as a compromise to maybe get tough on immigration later.

The immigration problem has become so scandalous that Tories in parliament are begging another Indian figurehead, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, to fire Braverman as soon as possible. Her tenure has become a crippling political liability and Conservative Party is panicking over collapsing poll numbers.


The current government of Poland was named as an ideal model to follow in Hazony’s Virtue of Nationalism. Law and Justice’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who likes to emphasize his “Jewish roots,” is deeply admired by the National Conservatives. He addressed the group at their 2022 Brussels meeting with an anti-Russian tirade about the threat of Vladimir Putin to the liberal order and demanded Western military’s escalate the conflict in Ukraine.

The Polish government has long posited itself to its people as some of the world’s most rabid immigration hardliners, most recently by working young left-wing fanatics into a lather and accumulating good-bad publicity through their ongoing fight against the EU over a new refugee quota agreement. At the same time, the Law and Justice government shamelessly imported over 130,000 people from Asia and Africa last year for cheap labor. Citing a tight labor market that is raising domestic wages too quickly, they have recently presented a plan to significantly expand non-white immigration to the country to undercut Polish workers.

The hypocrisy and dishonesty is so audacious that Donald Tusk, a turbo-liberal who was president of the European Council from 2014 to 2019, has pounced on the issue and plans to have his Civic Platform party run on it during parliamentary election’s later this year. In a video published earlier this month attacking PiS head Jaroslaw Kacyznski, Tusk rhetorically asked, “Why does he simultaneously attack foreigners and immigrants and want to let them in by the hundreds of thousands and from such countries?” and added that “We are watching the shocking scenes of the violent riots in France and right now Kaczynski is preparing a document that will allow even more citizens from countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar, the UAE, Nigeria or the Islamic Republic of Iran to come to Poland.”


Perhaps the most surprising offender on this list is Viktor Orban and his Fidesz Party, who are the most active nation other than Israel and the US inside the National Conservative space. The Hungarian government, which is desperate to win the good graces of Washington so that they stop trying to isolate and overthrow them, privately view the US government as a national security threat, according to Discord Leaks. Orban, who unlike other NatCon leaders openly flirts with racialist ideas in speeches, attended the group’s Rome conference in 2020. Think-tanks associated with his government such as the Danube Institute, which is loaded with figures such as Rod Dreher and Jews like Jeffrey Kaplan, continue to sponsor and support Hazony’s events throughout Europe, though at times it appears the NatCons like to downplay this relationship.

Hungary is portrayed by the New York Times as even more hostile to immigration than Poland, its partner when protesting European Union migration policies, and yet like their neighbor, they have been quietly replacing their own population at an alarming rate. Foreigners are flooding Hungary at the Orban government’s invitation as we speak, with around 40% of them coming from non-white countries. The country is expanding its foreign visa program, and the Ministry of Economic Development is demanding at least 500,000 imported workers to grow their GDP, which for a nation of less than 10 million people could cause a cultural and racial shock of historic proportions.


There is no question that the main issue that put Giorgia Meloni and the Fratelli Di Italia in the spotlight is opposition to mass migration. Once again, voters who handed this puppet of Washington a clear mandate are being stabbed in the back in an obscene fashion.

Between now and 2025, the Italian government announced it will import a shocking 425,000 people from Asia and Africa to Italy. This dwarfs the number of migrants brought into the country by previous centrist and left-wing governments. Despite having one of the largest youth unemployment rates in the world, the National Conservative Italian government is stating that they do not have enough workers to meet the labor needs of big business.

It is self-evident that this type of mass migration is very unpopular in nations governed by “national conservatives.” The new European right, with its candidates waving around exaggeratedly large giant crucifixes, engaging in moronic stunts instead of talking policy, and declaring unflinching loyalty to Israel and the US government, is not organically European. In truth, it looks more like a counterfeit version of the Republican Party, utilizing the Trumpian innovation of creating a decoy presidency where angry white majorities become consumed by simulated political conflict that “owns the libs” while elites implement policies that are as bad or worse on the important issues as the centrist and left-wing alternatives with little fanfare.

As for Hazony, the brain behind this political imperialism, NatCon principles of multi-cultural pluralism and anti-racism don’t apply to his homeland of Israel. While the Likud Party (and the State Department) looms as primus inter pares within NatCon, no faction in Israel embraces the movement’s stated ethics, preferring instead to gratuitously kill and persecute non-Jews and religious minorities (including Christians). Hazony was one of the loudest supporters of Israel’s “Jewish State Law,” a government mandate to actively disenfranchise native Arabs in pursuit of a Jewish racial majority!

When you take off the new nationalism’s mask, you end up with the same Zionist neo-conservatism we thought we defeated.

From National Justice Party.