Pat Cummins is a wanker


Australian cricket captain Patrick Cummins can afford to virtue signal because he can afford to pay his energy bills:

Alinta Energy has officially concluded its partnership with Cricket Australia following controversial comments by captain Pat Cummins last year.

The relationship between Alinta and Cricket Australia is believed to have soured when Cummins used a media interview to voice concerns about some sponsors in October.

Nine Newspapers also reported that Cummins went to CA CEO Nick Hockley to raise “ethical objections” about Alinta’s climate impact before the company signed a new contract.

Shortly after the reports it was announced in October the partnership would come to an end in June 2023.

Alinta makes most of its electricity with coal and began sponsoring Cricket Australia in 2018 when the sport was at its lowest point reputationally after sandpapergate.

Cricket Australia had been dropped by fund manager Magellan following the ball-tampering scandal and Alinta arrived with a reported $40 million sponsorship deal.

Alinta was seen as a lifeline for Cricket Australia, leading to Cummins’ comments being widely criticised.

“More so than ever before you’re seeing players’ personalities and interests and passions shine through and have a bit more of a say than maybe in the past,” Cummins told Nine Newspapers.

“I think the most obvious, front-of-mind things you can see is who we partner with. So I hope that when we think of who we want to align with, who we want to invite into being part of cricket, I hope climate is a real priority.”

What a wanker.

Cummins has form, speaking in favour a couple of years ago of some weird “barefoot circle” humiliation ritual for Australian cricketers to perform at the start of a series:

Australia vice-captain Pat Cummins admits his side hasn’t done enough to combat racism, revealing they now plan to take part in a barefoot circle before the start of every series.

Cummins and teammates were criticised earlier this year by West Indies legend Michael Holding for their “lame” reason for not taking a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The squad have since spoken at length about the issue and agreed a barefoot circle, which seeks to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, is the best way to make a statement about racism and a commitment to reconciliation.

Not that cricketing bodies are any better. The groomer flag was painted on the wickets for the entire Headingley Test.

The Ashes has been marketed for several years as “the men’s ashes”, and the women’s matches are scheduled right in between the real thing to try to trick people into watching them. Myopically, a memo has gone around to all commentators ordering them to refer to the batsmen as “batters” to be “gender neutral” or something. They say “batter” several times every over, like they have to meet some kind of quota.

Most damningly, energy companies in Australia are in lockstep with government, the Lying Press and environmental extremists in their mission to sabotage energy security, driving Aussies into poverty and turning Australia into a third world nation.

Despite absurd claims to the contrary…

Australian energy prices are doubling due to supply disruptions caused by Covid lockdowns, World War 3 and insane “net zero” policies:

Interest rates rises and inflation are driving hunger and homelessness in Australia. Yet the government continues to fuel inflation with plans to import 400,000 people in the next year alone, and 2.5 million in the next five years, while a collapsing building industry cannot hope to meet demand.

While Australia’s economy and standard of living are being destroyed, the government hides this destruction by importing growth to hide a recession. The RBA governor pointed this out, which cost him his job.

Thus while we are being impoverished, we are simultaneously humiliated with ridiculous anti-White and anti-human propaganda, such as the so-called “voice to parliament” campaign and being told that if we heat our homes all the drop bears will die.

You can’t even tune out any more and just watch some sport without being lectured by some slightly aboriginal guy.

We have no option any more but to fight this. They’re never going to leave us alone. They’re trying to kill us, and the point of the propaganda is to make us grateful for the axe the moment it falls on our necks.

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