Stoner Sutton Quits to push Climate Hysteria at CSIRO


What a weak, pathetic man:

Professor Sutton will leave the Department of Health to take up a new position as Director of Health and Biosecurity at CSIRO from September.

First joining the Department of Health in 2011, Professor Sutton was appointed chief health officer in 2019.

As chief health officer, Professor Sutton became one of the faces of Victoria’s health response throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering daily case numbers and health updates in widely watched press conferences.

It was a role the now 53-year-old relished.

“I know that it’s busy and I know that things like pandemics can challenge every fibre of your being in terms of being able to respond, but there’s nothing I’d prefer to be doing to be honest,” Professor Sutton told the ABC in 2020.

“I love the job. I absolutely adore it.”

You should be in prison.

Sutton was conveniently installed months before the “pandemic” spontaneously broke out for no reason whatsoever. He has family connections to the UN and WHO.

He was installed to be the non-threatening bumbling face of Covid Tyranny and provide the Andrews government with a pretext. Dictator Dan made the decisions about lockdowns and forced vaccinations, Sutton’s job was to stand up there as a so-called expert and make it look like Andrews’ decisions were based on The Science.

He was terrible at it. He shat his pants on camera when he accidentally let it slip that the vaccinated were dying from “Covid”.

He admitted the vaccines don’t work.

He confessed that the lockdowns were basically one giant experiment to see how long humans would enable government tyranny before they realised that all they had to do to end it was to stop enforcing it on one another.

When he disappeared while the government was trying to wind back the Covid hysteria the media started asking “where’s Brett Sutton?” So they literally dragged the guy off the couch to do a snap press conference.

Unshaven, he still had a dorito flake sticking out of his nose.

It is worth reiterating how weak and pathetic all these high profile figures who enforced Covid Tyranny are. Sutton, Berechicken, McGowan, Captain Crazy Eyes, they’re all gone.

None of these Covid Tyrants were old, nor had they been in the top job for very long. They all complained that they were tired and got called tyrants for behaving like tyrants.

None of them have faced any lasting consequences for their actions. They made life changing and life ending decisions for millions of people, but they all get to just walk away like nothing happened.

Sutton will now move on from pushing Covid Hysteria to push climate hysteria at the long converged CSIRO.

I think he’ll fit right in.

As for Dictator Dan, he’s a true believer. He’s not leaving his post until we’re digging up graves for scraps of meat.

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