Starbucks takes the trans agenda global


Originally published at Historiologist on 23 May, 2023.

Hot on the heels of the Bud Light marketing catastrophe with cross-dressing six-year-old impersonator Dylan Mulvaney, Starbucks India has told Bud to hold its beer.

Seeking to sell Mumbai puddle water that identifies as coffee, Starbucks decided to post a new marketing campaign pushing the woke trans agenda onto the culturally conservative Hindu nation.

The Western media was lavish in its praise for the brave and stunning move of course, even though they’ve had to shut down their own website and social media comments sections because their readers and viewers hate the woke agenda so much.

We all know where this story goes from here.

Establishment conservative media such as Fox in the US and Sky News and The Australian here will at this point in the coverage wax lyrical about those ‘loopy lefties’ or ‘crazy liberals’. Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder will do the same for the younger audience, while Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson do it for the less politically engaged demographic.

Those crazy libtards. Lol.

While establishment conservative and centrist voices laugh, the leftists march. If we’re ever going to find a defensive line to begin holding back this onslaught, we need to begin being honest about where it’s coming from. We need to start calling out our content creation heroes for not investigating and informing who exactly is driving this demonic agenda.

This agenda isn’t coming from nowhere. These are multi-billion-dollar enterprises. Starbucks is one of the most successful brands in the world, which is particularly astonishing given that their product is absolute garbage.

These people know marketing. They’re not stupid.

So why are these multinational corporations going down the same road our politicians and mainstream media and before that universities did?


Follow the money, baby. It’s always about the money.

Large corporations are going woke even though it may well send them broke thanks to an enormous international lobbying group known as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

The Human Rights Campaign has nothing to do with human rights, of course. It’s a pink mafia outfit. It pressures the major corporations and institutions of the Western world to push LGBTQ+ whatever ideology into every area of life.

The way this is achieved is via the Corporate Equality Index (CEI). It’s a woke scoring system published by the HRC which promotes and penalises corporations for how much gayness they push onto society. They use a 100-point scoring system to do so.

The HRC receives significant funding, again of course, from George Soros’ neo-Marxist Open Society Foundation. It also uses the same anarcho-communist tactics that Soros’ groups do. Should an organisation fail to spread the gay enthusiastically enough, protestors will appear at head offices and bad stories will be leaked to the press.

I’ve experienced such tactics personally, and for people who want to fit in on LinkedIn, they must be quite painful. Last month it was Crikey’s turn to have a go at calling me a Nazi. Luckily I don’t want to fit in on LinkedIn. And no one reads Crikey.

The spirit of Western communism is profoundly female. It operates via guilt and manipulation rather than overt tyranny. When Big Brother took control in Eurasia last century, he punched the people in the face until they supported the Party. As Big Sister establishes totalitarianism in the West this century, she destroys people in the feminine way – via character assassination and poison.

When Bud Light producer Anheuser-Busch backpedalled on the Dylan Mulvaney debacle this month, the HRC withdrew the corporation’s CEI score. We can expect the company’s financial woes to intensify from here out.

That’s because there’s a pointy end to the CEI stick. The CEI is a subset of the larger Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) framework. This is central to the Great Reset agenda coming out of the WEF. It’s all one big gloop of oligarchic dystopian control freakery emanating from the tiny group of people who control the world’s money.

Whoever those people are, they are also the majority owners of private investment firms BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street. Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, is publicly vocal about his central role in pushing the total reformation of world societies along ESG lines.

They hold the boards of these corporations hostage by threatening to pull investment funds if the gay isn’t pushed hard enough. They can do that because they are controlling investors in just about every large corporation that trades in America.

These people are why every ad is brown, every movie is demoralising and every teen animation series now has gay and non-binary characters. It’s an elite group of identity communist zealots who control the world’s money system and use that power to corrupt and destroy the world.

America came under the control of this small group of people thanks to the Federal Reserve system.

Your favourite BASED conservative or sensible centrist content creator won’t tell you this stuff. Why not? We’ve got a cabal of elite ideological utopians taking over and destroying Western societies and now starting World War III to push it global, and the most powerful voices that pretend to fight the establishment for you are still acting like this is a high school debate.

This is the greatest threat to humanity in the world today. These people control America and they’re determined to sacrifice American power to take over the world.

When we start to fight back, the communists are going to call us names. They’ll make it difficult for us to use the banks. They’ll make it impossible for us to move up in the world and find status, recognition and connections.

Maybe this is what the ANTI-WOKE content creators are afraid of.

From Historiologist.