Port Melbourne Library Holding Groomer Event IN SECRET


Rukshan Fernando has exposed a disturbing development on Twitter, courtesy of tip-offs from concerned parents. He reports that Port Melbourne Library is resorting to secretive, underhanded tactics to organise a groomer event, also known euphemistically as “Drag Queen Story Time”:

“Concerned parents have reached out to me after they were handed flyers to attend a Drag Queen Story Time at Port Melbourne Library for Pride Month during a Toddler Story Time event at the Library Today. The parents have told me they were not allowed to take the flyers home and were told to keep the event a secret.”

Planning to keep the groomer event secret was clearly elaborate, with a QR code provided to keep information out of the hands of a horrified general public which is mobilising against such events.

Citizens are already politely phoning the Port Melbourne Library to register their disgust. Their complaints are currently being met with defensiveness and evasive answers.

“I just called and spoke to a person at the library. She defended the secret, on-site-only QR code system as “it protects our community”. She refused to acknowledge that the secrecy denied the community the right of reply.”

Initially the event was openly promoted on the Try Booking website.

It now appears they are trying to cover their tracks, telling people to contact the organiser. This indicates that the webpage is colluding with the local council and public library to allow groomers to have access to children.

You can politely contact Port Melbourne Library, which is situated at 333 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, at the phone number below:

Phone: 03 9209 6644

The “contact” button on their website takes you through to a contact page for Port Phillip Library Services, which coordinates the activities of several libraries in Melbourne’s inner south:

Email: https://library.portphillip.vic.gov.au/about-our-libraries/contact-us

Note that Port Phillip Library Services incorporates the groomer flag into its logo:


You can also politely contact the Try Booking website here:

Email: https://www.trybooking.com/contact-us

The groomer event has gained federal attention, with UAP Senator Ralph Babet noting “The fact that these people try so hard to gain an audience with children is disturbing.”

Ordinary Aussies have successfully shut down over a dozen groomer events in Victoria in recent months, provoking a hysterical response from the government and Lying Press.

Backing of such events goes right to the top, with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews flying a groomer flag at state parliament and hosting a groomer event inside the parliament fortress.

On the one hand we can be dismayed that this perversion is being backed by the full power of the state and that these perverts are still finding ways to access children. However the fact that even with the full backing of the state, groomers need to go to such lengths to access children indicates that ordinary people are on the front foot on this front of the Culture War.

Resorting to such high levels of secrecy is by definition an admission that what they are doing is evil. The term “occult” means “hidden”. The fact that so much evil which used to be occult or hidden throughout the ages is now emerging into the light of day in The Current Year is an indication of how evil Clownworld has become.

Yet just a little IRL opposition from a few brave activists representing the broader Australian community has been able to force the occult back into the shadows. Evil will still exist because Satan still exists and humanity remains as fallible and corruptible as ever. A world where evil is forced to lurk in the shadows because good men oppose it is far preferable to one where evil parades in the open because good men do nothing. We have thus prevented them, for now, of spreading this latest dose of poison throughout the general culture.

A few months of activism has achieved a shift in cultural power. So-called “Drag Queen Story Hour” events have been forced into limited hangouts attended by a tiny number of extremists. The activism of Thomas Sewell and Joel Davis has forced the hand of alt-light figure Rukshan Fernando which in turn is forcing the hand of UAP Senator Ralph Babet, who is now echoing the language of his constituents after being heavily criticised for his lukewarm response to previous groomer shows.

Grassroots activism drags minor right wing parties to the right, who in turn can drag the major parties to the right. This is how we influence the culture, politics and direction of the nation.

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