White Liberals In Left-Wing Oakland Beg City To Take Action Against Black Crime


From National Justice Party.

Joseph Jordan

Close to 500 citizens in the notoriously left-wing Bay Area city of Oakland turned out last Tuesday to demand action from City Council member Dan Kalb, a Jewish opponent of enforcing laws against black people, in response to an ongoing surge of black violence. The crowd was uniformly white, even though whites are only 33% of the city.

The event coincides with the anniversary of the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020, which institutionalized the notion that arresting people for committing crimes is racist against black men. Politicians across every level government, federal and local, embraced this idea and went on to disempower the police and make it extremely difficult to jail black offenders.

Oakland has pioneered several alternative policing programs criminal justice reform advocates support, such as sending teams of mental health experts to respond to 911 calls. Kentrell Killens, the interim chief of this “violence prevention” department, told the crowd of crime victims that those killing, mugging and raping them and their families are coming from a place of “hurt”, which provoked furious booing in response.

The majority of attendees were white, but also visibly left-wing themselves. Their protest had a feminist theme, but when all was said and done, it was white women demanding cops stop the black men preying on them.

One older woman with stereotypical liberal glasses described her frustration with vagrants camped next to her business threatening her daily, as well as defecating on her property and masturbating in front of her children. She has attempted to call the police and various homeless services to try and move her tormenters a safe distance away, but has been told repeatedly that there is nothing they can do.

In another instance, Lisa McNally, a local public school teacher, asked the audience to raise their hands if they had been a victim of criminal violence. The large number of people whose hands went up elicited gasps and cries of “wow.” She defended the police but also criticized them for refusing to respond to a 911 call about a stray bullet that blew through her neighbor’s home. She then targeted Kalb and Killens, shouting “we’re fed up! This is because of you and your policies coddling criminals!”

McNally went on to demand police begin punishing criminals for low level offenses, such as tinted windows and license plate violations, a practice known as “broken windows policing” that was pioneered by New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and NYPD police chief Bill Bratton during their famous anti-crime crackdown in the 1990s. She consciously understood the racial politics at play, anticipating accusations of racism by saying, “and don’t tell me it’s profiling, because [when the windows are tinted] you can’t even see who’s inside the car!”

A transsexual speaker, who introduced itself as a lifelong “progressive community organizer,” described having been robbed and assaulted multiple times in the city.

This individual initially expressed agreement with Killens statement that criminals were coming from a place of hurt due to “systemic violence,” but then pivoted to saying that granting black men license to rob people at gunpoint was itself a form of systemic violence against “all kinds of women that are being targeted.”

This display in Oakland refutes the novel theory invented by Manhattan Institute Jew Zach Goldberg, who last year released a formal paper arguing that anarchic crime policies are the will of self-hating white Democrats who impose this status quo on police loving minorities.

Recent political developments in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and other crime infested cities, where whites (of all political tendencies) have voted for law-and-order candidates while blacks overwhelmingly turn out for anti-police candidates — even when the relevant choices are all Democrats — further challenges this thesis.

From National Justice Party.