Albo HYSTERICAL: Voice to Parliament TANKING


Yesterday on Twitter, Australian Nationalist and Christian activist Joel Davis ratio’d the Prime Minister on Twitter.

At the time of publication, Davis’ response to the PM has over 1700 likes to the PM’s roughly 1500. This induced a big sook from Albo, complaining he had received “horrific” abuse online regarding the so-called “voice to parliament”.

This demonstrates just how badly a speech on Monday night by Albanese designed to sure up public support for “the voice” was received. Multiple polls indicate plummeting support for the “voice to parliament”.

The Lying Press dutifully parroted the speech’s key points which were hand delivered in advance. He described opponents of the so-called “voice to parliament” as “the Chicken Littles of the past” and claimed the No campaign is “underestimating Australians”, who will not “succumb to their appeals to fear”.

It failed miserably for the same reasons “the voice” is already failing: The case for creating a third chamber of parliament to elevate one race above all others in Australia is based on emotional and hysterical rhetoric, name calling and guilt tripping, lies, and banning the opposition from speaking.

Let’s look at a few examples. Here is a very, very slightly aboriginal man telling us that if we don’t pass this referendum, other countries will laugh at us.

Not even Waleed Aly is buying that one.

Here’s a White guy who probably searched for years to find just the smallest trace of aboriginal heritage to no avail, so he just decided to repeat lies of aboriginal genocide which have been thoroughly debunked.


Tim Watts says that the Voice “is going to have a legacy for our descendants” much like learning about his own family’s “confronting” history had for him. #VoiceToParliament #TheVoice #Indigenous #AusPol #QandA #ABCNews

♬ original sound – ABC News Australia

Here is a man whose job description is literally based on race and who was chosen for his race based role by virtue solely of his own race, lecturing White Australians that we should not view a referendum to elevate one race of people above all others in Australia as based on race.

Here is the head of the union movement in Australia essentially accusing the No campaign of engaging in Russian collusion referendum tampering or something.

Combined with the Prime Minister’s fairy tales of “horrific” abuse, it is all set up for Big Tech to ban users for merely expressing opposition to the “voice”.

None of it is working.

Albo’s referral to the slippery slope argument with his “Chicken Little” jibe could not be more self defeating. During the so-called “marriage equality” campaign, those of us who warned that enshrining so-called “gay marriage” in law would normalise even more degenerate behaviour were dismissed as making slippery slope arguments.

Now the open sexual grooming of children via so-called “drag queen story hour” is backed by the full power of the state.

Parents are being prevented from protecting their own children from groomers at school who encourage them to mutilate their genitals.

The slippery slope is Labor’s basic policy strategy. Australians recognise this and are saying no to a change in the Constitution which will pave the way to a so-called “treaty”, “reparations” and changing the Australian flag.

The argument for the Yes case is innately emotional – White Australians should feel guilty for bad things the Yes campaign says our ancestors did, so we should vote for something which goes directly against our own ethnic interests.

The problem for the Yes camp is that White Australians are looking at this logically and saying No Way. We have seen the appalling behaviour of slightly aboriginal puppets Lidia Thorpe and Stan Grant and recognise that a “voice to parliament” would turn these annoyances into actual tyrants.

In response the No camp has upped the emotional rhetoric, but this is precisely what amplified opposition in the first place.

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