ABC Says Stan Grant Did Nothing Wrong


This is like Stalin investigating Stalin.

From Rebel News:

The ABC’s independent ombudsman has cleared the national broadcaster over its controversial coverage of the King’s coronation.

Ombudsman Fiona Cameron, who reports to the board, found that the coverage was “robust but fair”.

Her investigation followed 1832 complaints from the public, though she only considered 61 of the complaints.

She said 96.7 per cent of complaints about the coverage were not in her purview because they related to the timing rather than the content of the commentary.

That’s a cope. She should investigate the decision to program the anti-White hate hour in the first place. The whole point of accusing Anglo Australians of genocide a couple of hours before the coronation of their new King was to ruin the coronation.

During the coronation coverage, broadcaster Stan Grant said the monarchy was responsible for an “exterminating war” on Indigenous people.

He said the Crown “represented the invasion, the theft of land, and in our case, the exterminating war which next year will mark 200 years”.

“In the name of that Crown, martial law was declared on my people, Wiradjuri people, next year marking 200 years is the declaration of martial law. A war reported at the time as an exterminating war.”

Ombudsman Cameron found that the discussion was respectful and allowed “audiences to make up their own minds about the matters that were discussed”.

Cameron said the small number of complaints she considered “contend that the panel discussion between the 5 and 6pm hour was unbalanced, biased, disrespectful, inappropriate, offensive, anti-monarchist and poorly timed”.

“While some complainants referred to inaccuracy concerns, no specific facts were disputed, and the concerns raised were in reference to the perceived lack of alternative views,” she said.

The dangerous conspiracy theory that colonial Australians are responsible for genocide or extermination has been thoroughly debunked. The ABC should be completely obliterated for spreading this harmful malinformation alone.

“The role of the Monarchy to modern Australia and the Indigenous perspectives presented were legitimate and newsworthy topics for discussion on the rare occasion of a Coronation and in the context of ABC’s extensive coverage.

“In these circumstances, and for the reasons outlined above, I do not find a breach of the impartiality standards.”

So their ABC received nearly 2000 complaints. It found a way to dismiss most of them and in so doing, ignored the whole point of why White Australians are so outraged.

We cannot have anything, anything at all for ourselves. Many White Australians will come to understand from this episode that the reason we are even allowed to have television is subversion and demoralisation.

As for Stan Grant, he knew he had offended, insulted, humiliated and intimidated Aussies one time too many. He knew he was in serious trouble after nearly 2000 complaints flooded in.

That is why he played the race card, in order to create an environment in which the “independent ombudsman” knew that the only verdict she could reach was not guilty. Had she reached any other conclusion she would have been accused of racism and her life would have been ruined.

One last comment on Stan. I have actually given him far less attention on XYZ than I could. I do this because trying to read his articles, let alone respond to them, is practically impossible. Each paragraph contains multiple lies which compound on each other.

There is something seriously wrong with him.

People who gaslight this effortlessly are nasty people. Enjoy the latest victory over Stan, but he will be back and he will be worse than ever.

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