Loony Lidia Thorpe EVICTED from Sydney Sodomy Parade


Is Lidia Thorpe on drugs?

This has to be the funniest thing I have seen all year:

Former Greens senator Lidia Thorpe clashed with police at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade on Saturday night and had to be removed at the request of organisers.

Police say she was kicked out of the parade after laying down in front of a float on Oxford Street.

Footage of the incident, shared on social media, shows the Greens defector holding the front of a truck while splayed out on the bitumen as a pair of officers attempt to move her on.

Crowds gathered to celebrate Australia’s LGBTQIA+ community can be heard shouting “get rid of her” amid a chorus of boos.

The footage shows Ms Thorpe get up from the ground and point her finger towards a male officer’s face.

As she walks towards him, the officer appears to put his hands out to push her back.

In a statement, NSW Police said an incident occurred about 9pm when a woman lay in front of a float and was “removed from the parade at the request of organisers”.

Earlier in the night, the Victorian senator who left the Greens to pursue black sovereignty chanted to the crowd: “There’s no pride in genocide”.

Ms Thorpe was approached by news.com.au and asked if she was at the parade for the pride movement or for another reason.

The moonbat is yet to release a statement explaining why she did this aside from a vague Twitter post.

For all I can gather she was trying to reclaim the word “pride” from the sodomites to be the sole property of aborigines.


NPC’s know they are supposed to support aborigines and sodomites. She might be trying to make the point to NPC’s that the best way to support aborigines is to support a treaty rather than the so-called “voice to parliament”.

She may understand that because Liberalism is the establishment orthodoxy, to make it even more extreme she doesn’t need to fight the faaaar right, instead she must challenge establishment Liberalism.

However, NPC’s by definition don’t have the intelligence to think this through. All they’re going to think is “why do you hate sodomites, we thought you liked sodomy?”

It’s possible she took some very bad advice from a low IQ aborigine, and she probably really is on drugs.

It is also entirely likely that this is a desperate cry for attention from an unmarried, barren woman who is well past the wall.

She’s hideous.

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