Will Israel become #110?


Israel has an infamous reputation for state-mandated espionage using false passports, a secret nuclear weapons program as well as being a haven for those fleeing child sex abuse charges and helping child sex abusers hide from justice.

But today we’re here to talk about some latest happening which may prove to bear fruit. Understand that when Israel is touted as “The Only Democracy In The Middle East (TM),” Zionists and Shabbos Goys do not mention the merry-go-round style of the Knesset or Israeli politics. Benjamin Netanyahu is now on his third term as PM after being indicted on charges of fraud and bribery among other things, with Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid serving less than a year each before Netanyahu was brought back into power.

I don’t know how this is possible, I’m presuming a combination of Talmudism and politics.

Speaking of, Netanyahu has pushed for reforms of Israel’s judicial system, which would allow for:

  • Limiting the Supreme Court’s powers to rule against the legislature and the executive, giving the Israeli parliament (Knesset) the power to override Supreme Court decisions with a simple majority of 61 votes out of 120.
  • A second proposal would take away the Supreme Court’s authority to review the legality of Israel’s Basic Laws, which function as the country’s constitution.
  • The reforms would also change how Supreme Court justices are selected, giving politicians decisive powers in appointing judges.

In other words, it would upset the balance of a so-called liberal democracy. But then again, this is the State of Israel, where the word “liberal” isn’t used unless it is used to describe IDF gunfire against Palestinians and where “democracy” can’t be used unless it is used by Dvir to say, “Our Democracy cannot allow turbo-ultra-super-dooper-Hitler worshippers throwing people like me into the gas chamber. Enough is enough.”


From @BellumActaNews on Telegram at 1:37am on 25/3/22

In London, hundreds of British-Israelis protested against the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to United Kingdom, who flew to meet with British counterpart Rishi Sunak.

The protesters shouted slogans against judicial reform in Israel, as Mr. Netanyahu pushes further with his plans

Always count on Jews being able to mimic the trick where a minority group brings their domestic sectarianism onto foreign shores. Here are just two examples of it occurring here.

As David Hiscox says, “It’s Your XYZ”.

Israel’s Kann News: 4 Likud MK’s are calling for a halt in the Judicial reform legislation, meaning if they vote against the coalition won’t have a majority

I believe that Stephen Wells stated the old phrase, “Two rabbis, three opinions”. Again, this is from the government, which already lost power not even a year ago. To have more instability in the Knesset would not only be troublesome for Netanyahu’s mandate, but it would be fucking hilarious to see the subverters having no chance of a nation-state of their own. The instability would grow.


Israel Defense Minister Galant: The rift in Israeli society is penetrating into the security establishment: it endangers Israel, I will not let it happen – Amichai Stein, Israeli journalist

I’m sure this will slide over without a hi—

From @BellumActaNews at 5am AEST:

 Israeli Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has fired Defense Minister Gallant after he called for the withdrawal of the Judicial Reform in Israel


Israeli citizen on Discord: Every single mainstream journalist is horrified right now (reported 20 mins later)

This is the part where journalists whose names end in “berg”, “witz” and “stein” now realise the true power of the Summer of Love that has now spread from the US since St. George of the Floyd’s martyrdom at the hands of…himself.

Israeli domestic politics would take a turn as updates began to appear online.

From Global Intel Watch on Telegram (@geopoliticalblog) at 5:38am AEST:

Some Israeli liberals saying that Netanyahu threatens the country’s mere existence.


Netanyahu’s presence in Israeli politics generates the same feeling in Israelis that Americans would have about Trump. In the case of the Israeli protesters they would rather Bibi be kept in power as a way of continuing their crusade to prevent Zionism from being conflated with the existence of the State of Israel, insisting that it is Netanyahu’s existence that has generated so much anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic sentiment across the world in the past 20-ish years.


Of course, this is nothing more than Jewish chutzpah downplaying Israel’s longstanding violations of international discourse while being outraged that Israel could fall to such levels of domestic instability like other nations that they consider inferior courtesy of Talmudic teaching.

Yair Lapid, former IDF General and Prime Minister only less than a year ago, stated: “Galant’s dismissal is a new step affecting national security.” His comments were then followed by reports of IDF units threatening to mutiny or to not serve under Netanyahu, actions which would compromise the already new plans of normalising relations with Arab states or maintaining peace in the absolutely-illegal settlements in the West Bank. So great was the IDF’s reports that reports were made that the IDF doesn’t know who to refer to in order to get military operations approved. Not even the very tool of Israel’s defence could maintain order in the wake of civilian political gridlock.

One reason out of many that I do not fear Israel or its capabilities. If the so-called Chosenites cannot get their kosher-approved army to maintain order, then any threats they make are bunk. But as the old saying goes, “Nature abhors a vacuum,”:

Back in October 2022, Haaretz reported that the now-Minister Ben Gvir, a notorious Kahanist figure in Israel, was creating an Armed militia alongside his party members under the pretext of “Defending Israel from internal dangers”

  • Bellum Acta, 7:14am, 27th March

Kahanism is in reference to the views of Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defence League and the Kach party in Israel. It bases itself on extremist Zionism to the point where Israel should become a theocratic state and that Arabs are enemies of the Jews and of Israel. Despite the campaigns of terror from the 1970s onwards, Kahanism has its revered heroes such as Baruch Goldstein, who murdered 29 Muslims and wounded 150 in the Cave of the Patriachs massacre in 1994. Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power), is in the government with 6 seats, led by Itamar Ben-Gvir who was quoted above as forming a private militia. Given the Kahanists have adopted the slogan, “Never Again,” it comes as no surprise for Jewish supremacists to flex their muscles in the wake of civil disorder.

Calls were made for diplomats to effectively resign and to refuse to serve under Netanyahu. Universities across the country cut short their classes and already there were talks of protests going one step further if it meant that their demands are not met.

And just when you thought things couldn’t be funnier, here’s this snippet:

Times of Israel (March 12, 2023):

Source close to Netanyahu accuses US of funding rallies against judicial overhaul

— “A senior government official traveling in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s entourage on his weekend trip to Italy claimed on Friday without offering evidence that the mass protests against the government’s controversial judicial overhaul were partially funded by the Biden administration.

“This protest is financed and organized with millions of dollars,” he said.

— “We are following what is happening. This is a very high-level organization. There is an organized center from which all the demonstrators branch out in an orderly manner,” the senior official said.

“Who finances the transportation, the flags, the stages? It’s clear to us,” he said.”


Now when the shoe is on the other foot, all of a sudden it is an outrage akin to bloody murder. The subverters never like to be subverted.

Former Prime-Minister Naftali Bennet said it best when he commented to Israeli Channel 12: Israel is in the greatest danger since the Yom Kippur War

With a fragile normalisation of Arab-Israeli relations, continuous war with Hamas and the West Bank Palestinians and Hezbollah, disruptions between liberal Jews and Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Kahanists and Left-wing Jews, it is to be expected that any disruption of the “democracy” of Israel will lead to one of these groups resolving their differences with the bullet and not the ballot. Not that I wish for such, because in the event of Israeli civil war, we would be expected to donate weapons and hardware for the cause of the true Jewish government that rules Israel.

After the reform bill already passed the Knesset, over 600,000 Israelis took to the streets with misinformation abounding over whether or not the IDF raised the alert for such discord. Once again, the blame centred on Netanyahu.

Bellum Acta, 8:56am AEST 27/3/22:

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (for the defunct Liberal Kadima party): Nowadays, a gang rules Israel, the Netanyahu’s gang, and behaves in a crazy and destructive way and aims to destroy the foundations of coexistence within our society

Of course, to halt on the ambitious course of butchering Israel’s judiciary would be nothing less than defeat.

Bellum Acta, 6:48pm on 27/3/22:

Likud Knesset member Eliyahu Rabivo, in response to reports regarding Netanyahu’s intention to halt judicial reform: This would mean that we affirm that chaos is the way to achieve achievements in Israel.

8 minutes later:

Amit Segal: The leader of Kahanists & Interior Minister Ben Gvir is now explicitly threatening to dissolve the coalition if Netanyahu backs down the Judicial Reform.

The emboldening of Jewish chauvinism cannot be contained nor can the Jewish globohomo policy in general. To do so would be against everything that they believe in their Talmudic doctrines and it would be against the legacy that Ben-Gurion fought for when Israel was established in 1948. Speaking of Ben-Gurion, by this time all departures have ceased from the Ben International Gurion Airport in the wake of the protests.

It would not be until 2:24am AEST on the 28th that we got an outcome:

Israeli media Kaan News says Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will postpone the Judicial Reform vote until summer.

And then there’s the shot:

Reuters: Ben Gvir: I agreed to cancel the right of veto over delaying the judicial reforms in return for bringing it up in the next Knesset session.

Followed by the chaser (Bellum Acta 3:13am AEST)

Israeli media says Netanyahu has agreed with Ben-Gvir to form a National Guard, a Paramilitary force under direct control of Ministry of National Security led by the Kahanist!

Such thing will be approved at the next Israeli cabinet meeting.

A Kahanist-led National Guard would essentially trigger future disruptions, given that Jews are a minority within Israel (47-48%) and that Hasidic/Ultra-Orthodox Jews are bound to be the majority of the Jewish population within the next half-century.

Future Moldovan Citizen (@MainstreamViews) on Twitter would have a good take on this:

“Judicial reform” is just a cypher. Liberal Jews in both Israel and the diaspora realize that Israel is deeply unpopular with their political allies. They attack Netanyahu as a way to appear on side without actually counter-signaling Zionism. 

Netanyahu can drop his plan for judicial reform and they will still hate him just as much and make up some other reason: generalized “corruption”, his son being a Nazi, more complaining about the ultra-Orthodox. 

It was the latter half of the Twtter thread, however, that piqued my interest:

If judicial reform is not passed, Israeli definitely will get a bunch of lib judges who will grant citizenship to unlimited Africans and probably even Palestinians. High level people know this. I don’t know how aware the protesters are. 

The protesters in general are 90s libs. Again, they have mind killed themselves when thinking about demographic questions. They are protesting to restore the PM’s office to someone who could get a softball interview with Jon Stewart.

They may not be aware how insane young lawyers and law students are. 

Many on Twitter would approve of this, such as our guy Joel Davis:

For the sake of justice I hope and pray that Israel is flooded with africans and arabs. If you disagree you hate the White Race.

– @juicedavisx

We Europeans will be at the centre of that transformation, without it, Israel cannot survive!

Richard Madden, @RMadden85

We will see one of three things or perhaps all three things by 2050:

  • Civil war in Israel between Kahanists, left-wing Jews, racial minorities, Palestinians and government forces. Either because of demographics or because of the Knesset gaining control over the judiciary.
  • White racial awakening coinciding with Israel’s pleading for more aid as the Ultra-Orthodox population grows at the expense of the wider Jewish population. As Jewish populations shrink, rhetoric surrounding the Great Replacement will be turned towards Jewish replacement before a critical mass forces the conversation back to White replacement.
  • Generation Z leading the campaign to boycott aid to a nation that will no longer be construed as a liberal democracy, given the admiration for right-wing parties and movements and for things that make Dvir angry, like not being invited to dinner.

Within the next generation, left-wing judges in Israel’s Supreme Court will allow for greater non-Jewish (read as nonwhite, African) migration into Israel and liberals will cheer it on because at least it is not interfered with by the Knesset. Combined with a Zionist private militia, it will lead to civil instability that will make the Troubles look tame.

Unlike the Troubles, the Jews will have to go all-in on their survival in their own land, to resolve a catastrophe that they themselves have caused out of their own hubris and kosher-approved chauvinism.