Israel Begins to Panic


The good citizens of the United States now find themselves in a position where their right to criticise Israel for any reason has been criminalised by their government at the behest of said government’s masters. This is because of protests at varying college campuses by students who are somewhat concerned at the ongoing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Since the number of students protesting would number less than 0.0000000001% of the total population of the USA, this criminalisation of speech based on the actions of so few seems somewhat of an overreaction. Additionally, the protests have not been marred by a single act of violence. We know this to be the case because if any act of violence against the Jews in the context of these protests had taken place then this would have been all over the news faster than the confiscation of Epstein’s little black book.

The MSM has been full of opinion pieces describing in torturous detail how unsafe Jewish students currently feel at universities all around the world. Here’s a typical example from today’s copy of The Australiannewspaper:

With a complete absence of any violence coupled with the fact that the protesters are protesting the nation of Israel as opposed to Jews themselves, one wonders exactly of what these delicate flowers are so scared. Their own shadows, perhaps. Some commentators have speculated that the Jews are playing both sides of the street and that they have organised the protests so as to have the excuse to pass legislation limiting any criticism of Israel.

I wouldn’t put that past them, but it seems like a hell of an effort for not much reward. The fact is that these laws are unlikely to be successfully implemented, but notwithstanding this, their existence is counter productive in the extreme. Israel’s international image has taken a pounding in the last 8 months. How they imagine that coercing foreign governments to pass laws to criminalise criticism of their nation will help improve that image is beyond me.

It shows immense insecurity and weakness on the part of Israel. That image is compounded by the fact that they appear to be without a coherent plan, and desperate to solve a massive problem that is entirely of their own making. Israel chose to utilise the Hamas attack to wipe out the Gaza Strip. Before that attack Israel was holding thousands of Palestinians in jail without trial; one could refer to those prisoners as hostages. That coupled with the number of civilian casualties that the Palestinians suffer on a yearly basis at the hands of the Israelis makes a mockery of Israel’s claim to be fighting for its existence. As always, the opposite of what is claimed is far closer to the truth.

Nevertheless, as a result of these events the citizens of America are now officially forbidden to utter a word against the Jews. What the State giveth, the State can take away. And that is because God has been entirely removed from the equation. They are not God given rights anymore, let alone endowed by their Creator as the original document detailed. But whereas God is beholden to nobody, it very much appears that our states are beholden to a national group that is beginning to panic at all of the noticing that is going on. And the more that they panic the weaker they become.

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