JP finds God


JP is an American comedian with red hair that he really should have cut a long time ago who makes videos skewering the Satanic woke and their ilk. I’m not a subscriber to his stuff but today one of his videos popped up on my feed where he outlines his recent conversion to Christianity and the changes in how he approaches his life now through trying to live a life turned towards God.

It seems that more and more people are turning to Christianity and making a point of it. That is, they’re not hiding it. JP acknowledges that the last three years of the scamdemic and his awareness of evil are what pushed him towards God. That evil is now so overconfident as to openly declare itself has had the effect of opening many people’s eyes to the rising spiritual battle in the world.

For myself, I was very pleasantly surprised by JP’s video. Just the fact that a man with his reach has come around to the same way of thinking as I did is something for which I am thankful. These days, I am tending more and more to discount writers and commenters if they are not a practicing Christian. And that’s because what is going on is indeed a spiritual conflict which is manifesting itself in a physical manner, so if you are ignorant of that truth it leaves a hollowness in your own message.

I think that one needs maturity and courage to bridge that gap, and usually fueled by a very healthy dose of desperation. The courage is in the act of publicly changing your mind, something which is anathema to the woke brigade unless utilised in their usual act of doubling down. JP gives a very good explanation of this, so I recommend that you watch his video.

This is why the closing of The Saker website is such a loss as he is a committed Christian and it showed in his writing and in whom he selected to post at his site. But as the demarcation lines between the Satanic globalist communists and Christianity, real Christianity become clearer, more and more people at all levels are beginning to make the choice one way or another. God is drawing His legions together, as is Satan.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill on 27/3/2023. You can find Adam’s books here.

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