Easter Egg Holocaust: Epic Vegan vs Jew Showdown


We should just put them in a giant water tank and let them fight it out.

A notorious vegan activist has branded the consumption of chocolate Easter eggs made with cow’s milk as ‘the largest holocaust in history’.

Tash Peterson, 29, shared a video of herself shouting at shoppers who were buying chocolate eggs and bunnies at a Coles supermarket in Perth this week.

Holding up a sign that read: ‘Don’t celebrate Easter with a Holocaust’, Ms Peterson told shoppers they were ‘complicit in rape’ if they ate chocolate eggs made with dairy milk.

She’s crazy.

“In order for you to get dairy milk Easter eggs, a mother was raped, had her baby kidnapped from her and murdered if they were born male,’ Ms Peterson said as sounds of cows crying out played in the background.

‘Listen to the cries of mothers screaming out for their babies. Their babies are shot in the head so you can consume her breast milk.

‘This is not fair, this is the largest holocaust in history. You have the right to know the truth!’

Here’s where it gets fun:

Prominent Jewish leader Dvir Abramovich, chair of the Anti-Defamation Commission, said Ms Peterson was “poisoning” the debate around veganism and demanded an apology.

“Shame on you Tash Peterson for playing the Holocaust card. Let’s get something clear: to compare the treatment of animals to the systematic extermination of six million Jews and millions of others is beyond shameful and crosses so many red lines I stopped counting,” Dr Abramovich said in a statement to news.com.au.

“To cheaply and perversely exploit the gassing of men, women, and children in order to promote a cause takes the abuse of the Holocaust to a new low and poisons an important debate that demands civility and respect.”


Deep breathe, I’m going in.

According to the history White people are taught, the holocaust was the worst thing that ever happened. Every other bad thing that ever happened was only perpetrated by White people. If it happened before the holocaust it was a precursor to the holocaust, and if it happened after the holocaust it was merely an extension of the holocaust mindset.

White people must not be allowed to advocate for their own interests under any circumstances, because that would be another holocaust. Ultimately the only way to prevent another holocaust is to wipe out the White race.

It makes as little sense as “milk is rape”.

The problem for Dvir is that until we’re all wiped out, there will still be millions of annoying White people running around with all this innate empathy. Their solution is to misdirect our people into advocating for the plight of any other group – trannies, black people, animals – as long as it is not our own.

Thus a stereotypical jewish ethnic activist looks like a vampire, but is unmistakably jewish.

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

A stereotypical vegan activist who whores herself online is White.

“Ms Peterson claims to earn about $40,000 a month posting raunchy content to OnlyFans as her activism makes it impossible to hold down a job.”

Tash, like so many young White women should by now be a mother of four or five. Instead she has been brainwashed by jewish culture to essentially sterilise herself, while she harasses other White people about unimportant issues because she has no children of her own to look after.

All going to plan for the jews, right?


The problem is that because we are taught that the holocaust was the worst thing that ever happened, whenever White people promote a political cause we naturally compare it to the holocaust, because it’s basically the only thing any of us are allowed to know about history.

However, jewish ethnic activists never take this into consideration. Instead they reflexively complain that nothing bad that ever happens now can ever compare to the holocaust and they condemn any White person who acts according to the way Cultural Marxism programmed them in the first place.

A similar thing occurred worldwide when people compared Covid lockdown policies to German policies in the 1930’s.

They’re incorrigible, and we just can’t win playing this game. Meanwhile, this compulsive behaviour on behalf of jewish ethnic activists risks antagonising White people, and motivates many of us to investigate the truth.

The holocaust is not the worst thing that ever happened. It isn’t even the worst thing that happened in the Twentieth Century. The Russian Revolution and Holodomor was far worse.

And it was done by jews.

White people are not allowed to know about the Holodomor. If you use an Apple device, type in the word Holodomor. A little red dotted line will appear underneath it telling you it’s not a word.

It gets worse. The holocaust never happened.

So in The Current Year, White people who act according to their jewish programming by misdirecting their innate empathy toward out-groups rather than themselves are condemned by the jews who programmed them for obediently comparing bad things which currently happen to the fictional holocaust, while jews who are the ideological descendants of the jews who committed the Holodomor prevent us from knowing anything about it.

What can we do with this information? Train and tribe, and make lots of White babies.

As for Tash and Dvir, like myself they are sinners. The Good News is that Jesus allowed himself to be sacrificed so that our sin may be washed clean.

Happy Easter everybody.

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