TRIPLE PANDEMIC: Mass Covid Death To Smash Australia


We’re all going to die:

Australians are being urged to get on top of their vaccinations ahead of what is expected to be a worse-than-normal flu season this winter.

Doctors are calling for people who are eligible to get both COVID-19 and flu shots before the end of May.

Bupa Health Insurance Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony MacDermott pointed to modelling from the northern hemisphere’s recent flu season.

He argued that the flu season is expected to arrive earlier than first anticipated.

“We’re anticipating a perfect storm of flu, COVID-19 and other flu-like viruses to come together this winter,” Dr MacDermott said.

A perfect storm of flu, flu and flu. Covid is just the rebranded flu.

“The best protection will always be prevention, and our advice to people who are due for their COVID booster is to get their flu shot together with their COVID booster ahead of the winter season.

“Each virus is different, affecting individuals in different ways, so it’s important to get both shots – and they’re perfectly safe to receive on the same day.”

Yeah. Sure.

Death Spike Confirmed: Mortality In Australia Rises 16.8%

They’re even wheeling out Captain Moustache again.

XYZ News understands that the NSW Chief Trannie Officer had bottom surgery over the summer break and is about to sign off on a multibillion dollar marketing deal with VB.

Right, I just can’t force myself to lazily cut and paste any more from this Lying Press article without attribution in order to avoid amplifying its dangerous misinformation.

This is so stupid.

At the shops yesterday, I was about to go into one store but saw a long queue of masked people out the front. I realised that they were self enforcing a non-existent capacity limit for the store.

I couldn’t stop myself from bursting out “you’re all a bunch of idiots” as I walked on to another store instead. I came back later when the idiots had filtered through. As I was walking out, a young man was trying to explain to a middle aged woman who was walking through the door that she had cut in front of him in the queue. He bloody well deserved it.

I have seen this kind of bizarre spectacle frequently in inner city Melbourne. Basically, people have internalised the behaviours programmed into them over 2020-22 and are reverting to the old lockdown rules of their own accord whenever the Lying Press puts out a few scare stories about Covid in the lead up to winter.

There is just no helping these people.

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