Did Dvir just DENY the holocaust?


Adolf Hitler was born 20 April 1889 and led Germany from 1933 until his death at the end of World War 2 in 1945. Controversially, many claim without evidence that he was responsible for the murder of precisely 6 million jews.

Despite outlandish claims that the bodies of jews were turned into soap or lampshades, and claims of the use of death rollercoasters and even weird masturbation contraptions which have been thoroughly debunked, many still claim that jews were murdered in fake shower blocks with bug spray.

Members of the European Australian Movement celebrated Hitler’s birthday last Thursday with wives and children present, but were harassed by police officers despite committing no crimes.

On Telegram, Thomas Sewell described the incident:

20th of April 2023, Hitler’s 134th Birthday party at the Bavarian pub, Knox, Melbourne, Australia.

What a great and eventful night, we enjoyed great German food, beer and company. Despite not breaking any laws and not disturbing a soul, we were set upon by a dozen scum from Victoria Police who were terribly upset we were celebrating this holy day instead of the Government approved gay or paedophile holidays.

Being confronted by system violence while our families and babies were present we were forced to eat our Hitler Cake while being escorted from the shopping centre under threat of political violence.

They persecute us because they know we are rising and the world will learn the truth about Hitler and look to us for leadership.

Blood and Honour!


As EAM members were leaving the pub they were assaulted by a man believed to be an agent provocateur:

Agent Provocateur waited for 14 Victoria police officers to begin escorting us from our peaceful dinner at The Bavarian Knox. He began assaulting us in front of the police hoping to become a professional victim and send some of our family men to jail.

We are all too familiar with the games the Zionist Occupied Government plays and are well versed in all their pathetic entrapment schemes and attempts.

XYZ News understands that more information regarding this man will be forthcoming.

Although EAM members outnumbered uniformed police officers, Jimeone Roberts has indicated that public order response units lay in wait. Basically, it appears the plan was to use an agent provocateur to provoke an incident which could in turn be used as a pretext for declaring the EAM a terrorist organisation.

The calm professionalism of EAM members prevented such an incident fro occurring, and Jimeone even took the opportunity to mock Victoria’s flabbiest.

Naturally, anti-white censorship advocate Dvir Abramovich angrily speed-dialled every Lying Press outlet he could. Among the usual word salad, one paragraph stands out:

‘In the very week that the Jewish community across the country commemorated and mourned the systematic extermination of six million Jews at the hands of the Third Reich and its collaborators, these hardcore white supremacists celebrated the birthday of the very monster responsible for the gassing of mothers and babies and the shooting of families in open fields.’

Firstly, including the deaths from World War 1, the Spanish Flu, the Soviet genocides of the 1920’s and 30’s, and World War 2, the first half of the Twentieth Century saw the extermination of up to 100 million Europeans. This unnecessary and unmitigated slaughter represents the greatest genocide of our people in recorded history. Even if every accusation against the National Socialists is one day proven, the so-called “holocaust” pales into comparison with the crimes committed against our own people.

Yet today, the so-called “holocaust” has come to overshadow every other catastrophe of the era.

Secondly, jewish ethnic lobby groups insist on commemorating the so-called “holocaust” in close proximity to Anzac Day, St George’s Day, Hitler’s birthday and the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at Easter. Any displays of national or cultural pride at this time are met with accusations of insensitivity, yet it is White people who are insulted. Not only are the massive sacrifices of our ancestors minimised and demonised in The Current Year, reverence for them is actively suppressed.

Thirdly and most intriguingly, it is worth noting that usually Dvir contents himself with referring to the Third Reich and gas chambers. However with regard to the former his statement included “and their collaborators” and for the latter he added “the shooting of families in open fields.”

In his most recent public humiliation, Dvir was schooled on the definition of “holocaust” by a crazy vegan. In XYZ News’ report on the story we included a video of David Cole presenting evidence in Auschwitz itself which contradicted the “official” version of events.

Thus it may be that Dvir is attempting to broaden the scope of his claim, to contextualise. This leads to messy debates. For example regarding “the shooting of families in open fields”, the Soviets initially blamed the Katyn massacre of nearly 22,000 Poles on the Germans but were eventually proven to be the perpetrators. Regarding “and their collaborators”, the Polish government is very reasonably pushing back at accusations that Poles bear some responsibility for “the holocaust”, given that six million Poles did actually die during World War 2.

Were this contextualisation to be done by a White man, let alone a nationalist, this would be tantamount to “holocaust denial”. At the very least, although Dvir did not mention The XYZ, let alone Tash Peterson by name, he is nevertheless engaging in a conversation with us by shifting his terms of reference.

Given that he polices the speech of others so obsessively, we cannot help but notice subtle alterations to his own wording.

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