Should Kanye’s Wife be Barred from Australia based on Biblical Law?


Ok, so when my page says “Stephen Wells Triggers everyone” that also includes myself sometimes.

I wrote an article that was basically a reaction to an XYZ article about Kanye West (I refuse to call him “Ye” (pick a name and stick with it, names are not underwear, you can’t just change them out if they get a Kardashian stain)).

I just don’t like Kanye West. And I just don’t like celebrities who pretend to be red pilled. I despise how their narcissism gets attention and gets people in the movement excited at the results of their exploits.

Moreover, I saw the picture of his new wife and I was disgusted at the level of sexual degeneracy and whoredom depicted in it. This combined with a week of being down at the beach and just seeing the sexual depravity of the women’s swimwear. Especially on barely pubescent teenage girls.

So I lashed out in a little article and when I later reread it, I triggered myself.

Anger and hatred. It’s a learned habit and part of the conditioning of the very society that I’ve grown up in and now reject. This is not who I wish to be anymore and I need to trust in God and give those feelings up to Him. My responses to the ugliness of our world don’t need to be passive, but there is no need for me to sink down into the mire of ugliness with those who wallow in it as a way of life.

So, allow me to make the points of my deleted article without the vitriol:

Kanye’s naming of the Jews as the controllers of the world through banking and money, doesn’t make him a figure we should pay attention to or get excited about. It’s worthy to note when the Jews express outrage at someone through the mainstream media machine, but at the end of the day, we are in the last stages of our civilisation, these red pilled celebrities are just part of the distraction. They don’t help us build communities. They don’t give people the resolve to stand firm against oppression. They don’t bring people back to God.

I am disgusted by white women. I am appalled that we white men let them get this way. It is our own fault. We glorified in them showing off their bodies and now act surprised when they have no morals about whom they have sex with or whom they have babies with.

White men need to make it clear to white women that we do not want casual sex. That we DESPISE casual sex and have zero respect for women who engage in it or who flaunt their bodies to gain access to a man and his money.

The Jews may have promoted this to us for the last 70 years, through Hollywood and the music industry, but we fell for it. It’s no use blaming them or the women. It was our responsibility to preserve our culture, our morals, our ethics and our faith in God. We must acknowledge and accept our collective failure. We were whores first. We enjoyed the casual sex and encouraged our women to be loose and give up their virginity and their honour to us. But a woman’s capacity for sex is infinite. It is not satiated like a man. Uncouple a woman’s sex drive from love and family and it is a consumerist beast that will outdo Kim Kardashian’s shoe collection. It will use up a man like toilet paper. He will be flushed away without a second thought.

Why would we expect white women to respect our race when we have failed to respect our women or ourselves? Why wouldn’t they give in to hypergamy on the basis of wealth and fame? Why wouldn’t they let other races treat them like dirty whores, when their own men did it first? The Jews may have sold us the sexual revolution, but we were the happy consumers of it.

In my discarded article I said that the only person we should deny entry to Australia to was Kanye’s new wife. I stand by that. I simply didn’t like the ugliness that I spewed out with that assertion. I saw the ugliness of their relationship and I became ugly myself in response. I need to set the standards for myself before I criticise the standards of others.

If we are going to save our race then the men need to change themselves first. We need to stop approving of sexual degeneracy in ourselves then enforce that standard onto our women.

Women who marry outside the tribe should be forced to live with the race they have married into. They should not be allowed back. Men who marry outside the tribe should lose citizenship for three generations and their offspring would need to marry back into the tribe on each of those generations for the great grandchild to be fully accepted again (see my podcast on the Biblical Law that underpins this). Modesty needs to become law again. But before changes in the law, we must first make changes in ourselves. I used the words “slut shaming” and advocated we did so. But it’s not that. That’s just me being triggered. It’s simply a complete and utter rejection of any woman who puts her naked (or practically naked) body on display and flaunts her wares. We need to be repulsed by it and we need to remove all respect of guys who lust after it. We need to police ourselves first. Once we have a community of self respecting, sexually self disciplined men whom other men aspire to be like, then the women will find that their motivations and behaviour change to match.

So I have started with my own flaws. I deleted my previous vitriolic bile and have written this instead. I can’t be a hypocrite. I engaged in sexual degeneracy as much as anyone. I picked up women for casual sex before I was married. I cheated on my first wife. I spent ten years trying to help my second and current wife become a successful rock musician. She wrote many sexual songs which I encouraged her to write and took photos to promote those songs that are not quite thong bikini depraved, but are still sexually provocative. I encouraged that. She had reservations. I said it was ok.


So there’s a good chance that my vitriol against Kanye and his wife is simply hatred of my own past. I could blame the culture I grew up in. I could blame the baby boomers. I could blame the Jews. But ultimately my life is my responsibility. It is also my responsibility to not respond to ugliness with ugliness. The verbal degeneracy of white men over the last 70 years is just as bad as the sexual degeneracy. I must clean up my act.

So I simply need to confess, repent and believe, and ask God to hold me to a higher standard. And if white men are ever to take control of their societies again, so must we all.

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