Australia Day Counter-Counter Protest: Happy Invasion Day, We Won


Five years ago on Australia Day in Melbourne, an aboriginal terrorist called Tarneen Onus Williams from the extremist group Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance screamed “F—- Australia, I hope it burns to the ground”. She was never arrested for this incitement. Yesterday, there was no Australia Day Parade in Melbourne’s CBD, only another quasi riot against Australia Day.

This is how the Regime enacts political change for which there exists no broad community support and for which they have no mandate. They astroturf a “protest” movement, the Lying Press amplifies the views of the astroturfed fringe minority, the corporate sector gets on the bandwagon and local councils pass laws in favour of the astroturfed extremists.

The security services then favour the extremists. Note that no Aussie patriot would have dared wave an Australian flag in Melbourne’s CBD yesterday. Neil Erikson was brave enough to brandish one several years ago and he was nearly lynched.

Victoria Police are now working to outlaw any peaceful protest against the establishment’s agenda. Moreland City Council has long been lovingly referred to as “the People’s Republic of Moreland” by its own communist apparatchiks. Yesterday they tried to hold some mourning thingy for aborigines, so Thomas Sewell led a group of men to peacefully protest against this communist subversion.

The Lying Press were so triggered, they had to blur their banner.

NSN activists later displayed banners across a freeway overpass:

Happy Invasion Day. We won.


Antiwhite extremists were so triggered that they want to change the law to make it illegal to peacefully protest against them:

It briefly turned ugly in Merri-bek, which held a citizenship ceremony on Tuesday instead of Australia Day, when neo-Nazis attempted to disrupt the council’s Aboriginal mourning ceremony at Coburg Town Hall.

Note that “mainstream” Lying Press outlets are now just openly calling suburbs, towns and cities by their purported aboriginal names. This is cultural genocide against White Australians.

A group of about 20 black-clad, masked individuals gatecrashed the event and appeared at other spots in Melbourne’s inner-north throughout the day, performing Nazi salutes and holding banners displaying racist slogans.

Police said they would investigate “whether an offence occurred” in Coburg. The state government signalled it could beef up anti-vilification laws if police determined the behaviour wasn’t technically a crime.

They didn’t break the law. How inconvenient.

“The government will continue to monitor the use of hate symbols and vilification and may consider further legislative reforms at a later stage,” a spokesman said.

It is especially annoying for the instruments of the Regime who scream that anybody who disagrees with them is a terrorist, yet political dissidents in Australia repeatedly obey the law while stridently putting forward our arguments.

Thus the need to change the law.

Likewise in NSW, the security services openly stated that they will deliberately harass dissidents because unless they change the law, they can’t actually arrest them for anything.

“Our expectation is that police will intervene.”

“What can you do?”

“Well from a simple perspective, go and talk to those that are involved.”

“Talk” is code for “bother”.

With the corrupted institutions of what used to be termed “civil society” now turned firmly against the Australian people, the only thing left is for the federal government to change the law and ban Australia Day.

When they do, they will present it as merely following the will of the people, when in fact all they have done is create the illusion of a consensus.

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