African Gangs Terrorise Tarneit: White kids shamed for asking “Why is your rice yellow?”


Look at these brave African Australians, standing up to the microaggressions of those snobby Paki Australians, with their lighter skin and more practiced ability to take advantage of the opportunities their economic migration to Australia has afforded them:

African Gang violence is out of control in Tarneit, an outer western suburb of Melbourne. It’s so bad, not even Google can hide it.

Multiple incidents over multiple years, and they’re only the ones which make the news. It is possible that this latest one has something to do with the recent stabbing murder of a nonwhite by other nonwhites at St Kilda Beach.

The Regime  pretends to make a fuss about it, for example the Queensland government recently rushed through reforms in response to an African Gang murder of a White mother. Naturally, the Lying Press freaked out.

We al know neither the government, the Lying Press nor police high command care about any of this. People have been lured from all over the world to come here in order to maintain the illusion that Australia’s economy is growing, and replace us in the process. They don’t find out that they have to live in shitboxes next to Africans until they get here.

The government knows that no matter how bad it gets here, it will never get as bad as Africa.

Or India.

So they know they can they can keep the scam going as long as there are still White people here. By the time we’re all gone they’ll be dead. They don’t care about what comes after them.

In the meantime, the Lying Press are bringing our memes to life.

They are literally shaming White kids for asking pakis why a foreigner’s rice is yellow. I’m not even making this up:

After hearing horror stories, Drishti was always aware she could face racism if she moved to Australia but she left her home in India behind and took a chance anyway.

“A lot of people warned me and said: ‘Australia, that’s not some place we would recommend you go’,” she told the ABC.

“I was like, “No, blatant racism does not exist anymore. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine’.”

As a bright-eyed international student with hopes of starting a career in the media industry, Drishti — who only wants to be known by her first name for fear of repercussions — said she had to take a job she was “way over-qualified for” to help support herself.

Join the club, missy.

She said she believed she faced discrimination and isolation due to being the only woman of colour in her workplace.

We’re always told that we should let women and nonwhites into the workplace because they bring “different perspectives” to the table. What do such “different perspectives” entail? Bringing more women of colour to the workplace, of course. That’s literally all they’ve got.

“I realised that my experiences — or what I bring to the table — weren’t valued, only because of where I come from,” she said.

She also had to deal with “toxic managers” who, she said, made her feel inadequate and different from her other, “white” colleagues.

Drishti said one manager “harassed” her and logged into her email account without her knowledge.

“He would keep calling me and he was like, ‘You have so many emails that are still unread’,” she said.

Everybody has to deal with micromanaging sociopaths for bosses. White people don’t get to call it discrimination when it happens to us though.

Drishti now takes a strong stance against racism.

“It’s not enough to just not be racist. You have to be actively anti-racist,” she said.

She added that it was the responsibility of employers to run cultural sensitivity training to ensure international students and migrants were able to feel like they belonged.

You’re not allowed to just sit quietly in the corner and do your work while the loud Indian woman talks over everybody. You have to do courses where you sign sheets of paper saying she’s special, just to keep your job.

Basically, she is adopting the language of Liberalism for the same reason she doesn’t wear pants.

She believes it will give her a leg up.

Get a load of this one:

Yatha Jain’s family migrated to Australia from the Netherlands when she was six months old.

They had hoped to find a sense of belonging while also maintaining their Indian culture but, Ms Jain said, they were quickly disappointed.

So, they migrated from India to the Netherlands to Australia. They are literally country shoppers. They are also colonists, insisting on expressing their “culture” while enjoying all the benefits of the Western paradise our ancestors built.

“It only took until kindergarten for me to experience racism and realise that, perhaps, Australia isn’t the cohesive multicultural community that my parents heard about,” she said.

Ms Jain said she remembered many experiences of racism at a young age, ranging from comments about the type of food she would bring to lunch, to her friend’s parents making racist jokes.

“People would always be like, ‘Oh, what is that? Why does it smell so weird? Why is your rice yellow?‘ It was a lot of those kinds of comments that stay with you,” she said.

“Why is your rice yellow?” That’s racism now.

The insanity of all this is that they want to insist on being treated as special because they are enriching us, while we are all supposed to pretend that all the weird things they do and dirty things they eat are completely normal. Liberalism tells us they are simultaneously foreign while insisting that they are not foreign, that they are simultaneously different but ordinary.

Welcome to Clownworld. African gangs are smashing their way into Indians’ houses, but the Lying Press gives White kids lectures on Indians and their yellow rice.

It isn’t designed to make sense, it’s designed to break our minds down and destroy our will to resist. The more absurd it is the harder it is to dismantle. It’s they old adage of “never get into a mud wrestling match with a pig because the pig likes it”:

Anti-racism group All Together Now’s chief executive, Stijn Denayer, said he was not surprised by the results of the research.

“A lot of people don’t want to hear this, but racism is deeply entrenched in Australian society,” Mr Denayer said.

He said microaggressions and casual forms of racism were often normalised in workplaces.

We can skewer the idiots on the internet who believe in “microagressions” all we like, none of it matters. All that matters is that policy makers and information gatekeepers consider it a useful term to further disempower White people, so they just keep repeating the lie over and over again until enough people believe it.

White people have no option but to collectivise. We can do it quietly or not so quietly. Make thousands of little networks of 20 guys, all across the country. They will try to shut us down for refusing to submit to globohomo but they can’t get us all.

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