“That is what grooming looks like”: ABC Slammed For Grooming Children


The ABC has been exposed in a grooming scandal which is quickly becoming the biggest news story in the country.

“Courtney Act” is a sick man who performs sexualised content:

Note a line from the Taylor Swift song he is performing here:

“Got a long list of ex-lovers/They’ll tell you I’m insane.”

In league with the ABC, he has been exposed attempting to normalise his perversion to children:

Yesterday, federal Liberal Senator Alex Antic rightly slammed the ABC’s Managing Director for this grooming during a Senate Estimates hearing:

The ABC has been accused of ‘grooming’ children by airing a Play School special episode where a drag queen reads a children’s book about a girl wearing pants.

Liberal senator Alex Antic made the claim during Senate Estimates on Tuesday, prompting a furious argument with Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

The South Australian politician asked ABC managing director David Anderson why the well-known drag queen read the book on the children’s program.

‘The program was rated G and has been heavily promoted on TV and on the app. Why is the ABC grooming children with this sort of adult content?’ he asked.

ABC managing director David Anderson rejected the premise of the question, pointing out the book was just about dressing up.

‘I don’t see that as grooming children with our content. That particular program is reading from a book that is about dressing up,’ he said.

Senator Antic cut him off to press his point, and Senator Hanson-Young interjected to object to the language he used.

‘You mean young girls wearing pants? Seriously,’ she asked. ‘It’s offensive. It is deeply, deeply offensive.’

Senator Antic replied: ‘If it’s offensive, you don’t have to hang around, Sarah… if you don’t want to.’ 

The argument only got more heated from there.

‘Heavens above – girls wearing pants. That is the level of rubbish you are putting forward,’ Senator Hanson-Young exclaimed.

Senator Antic replied: ‘It is amazing what triggers a response. The truth. The truth that the ABC is grooming our children.’

Senator Hanson-Young insisted the suggestion of grooming was offensive and needed to be called out.

‘Grooming is a really serious matter. It’s not for being played with by conservative senators to make headlines,’ she said.

‘Sexual assault survivors right around this country will be deeply offended, deeply offended by you playing politics.’

But Senator Antic insisted: ‘That is what grooming looks like.’


Note that Sarah Hanson-Young attempted to make the issue about a book about a girl who wants to wear pants. In doing so, she enabled grooming.

The point is that a man who dresses as a woman in a highly sexualised nature and performs highly sexualised content is reading a book about a little girl who wants to break social convention by wearing pants to a party. That is exactly what grooming looks like – normalise your fetish to children by making it appear innocent – when all the adults can tell just by looking at how the man is dressed that it is anything but innocent.

It is well established that degenerates such as “Courtney Act” were commonly sexually molested as children, and that this molestation is how degenerates “reproduce”, ie they damage young children so they will grow up to be just like them. This is what makes so-called “drag queen story hour” so creepy.

That is what grooming looks like.

The genius of entertainment for generations has been to use jokes which the adults get but which go completely over the heads of the children in the audience. It works precisely because there is an implicit understanding between both performer and adults that there is a separation between the adult world and the world of children, thus the children are protected while the adults can laugh among themselves.

With so-called “drag queen story hour” we are expected to pretend this social convention doesn’t exist. Yet in dressing the way he dresses and forcing the children to ask questions directly related to how he dresses, Courtney Act and the ABC are deliberately pushing what everybody knows is sexualised content on little children and doing so knowingly.

“Courtney Act” did not “dress down” when he performed the Q&A and book reading for children on the ABC. He wore short skirts, high heals and lots of make up. If an attractive woman dressed like this to present on Play School for the ABC. it would be flooded with calls and messages accusing them of presenting sexualised content to children. This would be justified. It is standard practice to not dress in a sexually provocative manner when working with children precisely because it is inappropriate and harmful to them.

Yet according to Sarah Hanson-Young it’s okay when a man does it.

Three more points.

Firstly, note that Hanson-Young is purportedly a Senator for an environmentalist party, yet both she and her party have become well known as the most extreme far left mainstream political party in Australia on both economic and cultural issues. They exploit people’s natural desire for a clean environment to push a Marxist agenda.

Similarly, Greta Thunberg has recently been exposed using similar tactics in a manner which essentially amounts to grooming. She was packaged specifically to children to push climate extremism to children. When she first appeared fully astroturfed on the world stage she avoided explaining how she expected to achieve any of her insane goals, but now that her target audience is a little older she feels comfortable to push an extremist anti-civilisational agenda.

This is what grooming looks like.

Secondly, Thomas Sewell recently led the NSN to protest against an overtly sexualised and degenerate “drag queen” who calls himself “Belial Bzarr”. Belial is openly satanic and presents disgusting fetishes as sexualised content, yet a local council in Melbourne attempted to hire him to perform to children.

Ironically, nationalists are accused of “grooming” the young. We present our ideas through humour and memes, both to encourage people to consider ideas they are conditioned to view as verboten and to ensure they spread far and wide across the internet and in real life.

However, we encourage young men to reject the degeneracy of modern culture, to accept the bodies and gifts God has given us and to develop them to the best of our ability. This is the exact opposite of grooming. The people who themselves push the filth such as that seen on the ABC are the ones who make such accusations against nationalists. Thus their accusations of “grooming” are projection.

Finally, note that “drag queens” almost universally present themselves as sexualised, plastic and importantly – blonde – disfigurements of the ideal of Aryan female beauty. Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, they are utterly barren. Their existence in and of itself is a deliberate assault on the psyche of our people, designed to warp our self image, our connection to nature, family and to God.

So-called “drag queens” have no place in a healthy society and must be completely banished.

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